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Packaging experts ahead of the game

Packaging experts ahead of the game
Packit Packaging has 16 injection moulding machines running 24 hours a day, five days a week, supplying packaging to both domestic and international markets.

Dunedin injection-moulded container manufacturing company Packit Packaging has the advantage of its location on its side, with cost-effective northward freight allowing the company to compete on price with its Aucklandbased counterparts.

“That’s a massive advantage for us,” says Packit Packaging technical manager Chris McBride. “Generally, freight going north is extremely cheap for us.

“Units come down from up north full of goods for everyone in the south, and because there’s not as much manufacturing in the south, there is a lot of unit space going north, which is where a lot of our business is.

Some recently purchased new high speed injection moulding machinery will offer Packit Packaging some new efficiencies, at nearly 80% more energy efficient, faster speed, and more control.

As with any production facility running 24 hours a day, five days a week, the reliability of Packit Packaging’s machinery is a crucial factor in its successful operation.

Packit Packaging was star ted in the early 2000s by Dunedin engineers Tony Mann and David Tofield, with only a couple of injection moulding machines.

Packit Packaging’s early growth was spurred when its packaging was selected by a Dunedin company to provide Air New Zealand passengers with locally made ice-cream.

“That contract really thrust the company forward in the market, to today when we have 25 staff running 16 injection moulding machines 24 hours a day, five days a week, supplying packaging to both the domestic and international market,” says Chris.

“We have some key suppliers we deal with who have really helped us move forward, along with a fast growing customer base which includes large long standing clients who we share a good business relationship with.”

As well as those large clients, Packit Packaging likes to look after the small companies too.

“We value good relationships just as much as we value high standards of packaging,” Chris says.

“We take the time to completely understand the product, market, budget, and other aspects of all of our clients’ business plans.

“With our experience in all of the aspects of production and design, once we have successfully established the needs of our client, we can start to come up with the best packaging solution.”

Chris says design creates premium value in the marketing of products, with the perception of value strongly tied to a product’s packaging.

“We design and build custom containers for our clients in order to establish and build their brand value,” he says.

Packit Packaging is built on a sound knowledge of mechanical engineering, and the core of the company’s senior staff come from a variety of backgrounds in engineering and tooling.

Packit Packaging’s small and dedicated team of leaders reduces the time cost experienced by larger and more bureaucratic organisations, as well as offering the ability to quickly adapt to each customer’s requirements with minimal delay


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