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New plant leads way on glazing

Liki Udam Aug 8
New plant leads way on glazing
Hagley Building Products’ new plant at Waterloo Business park features a showroom, functionconference centre and offices.

A $20 million investment in new manufacturing plant and equipment by Hagley Building Products means Canterbury home and business owners have unprecedented access to world class windows, doors and other specialised glass products, made right here in Christchurch.

Hagley Building Products opened its new 10,000sqm state-of-the-art facility at Waterloo Business Park in April, bringing together its hallmark businesses, Hagley Windows and Door and Thermaseal Double Glazing.

For Geoff Ball, who founded Hagley Windows and Door 33 years ago and Thermaseal eight years’ later, the new factory represents a quantum leap forward, in terms of both capacity and capability.

“The new facility is equipped to deliver best practice and it is running superbly well,” Geoff says.

“We are now a comprehensive one-stop joinery shop and our production flow is second to none.”

In total, 22 40-foot containers of brand new equipment, imported from Europe, has been installed at the new facility which includes a large factory, showroom, function/conference centre, offices and other amenities.

The advanced technologies now in place are bringing real productivity benefits. For example, Thermaseal now enjoys a fully automated double glazing line and heavy weight glass line and furnace.

“It took two years of planning and research to get the right equipment,” Geoff explains.

“And we have also invested in training so our team is fully up to speed with the new operational environment.”

In fact, both companies have had to increase their skilled staff in line with the growing sophistication of equipment and to meet anticipated growth in demand, particularly in the commercial market.

In total, the companies now employ almost 100 people.

“During the post-earthquake rebuild, we were mostly supplying residential demand but now around forty per cent of demand is coming from the commercial sector.

With the new plant, we have the space to do that commercial work and we have also employed some very capable new people in that commercial arena.”

Across the board, both companies are noticing greater demand for thermal efficiency, high quality product and for orders to be met in a timely fashion. As Geoff observes, it is hard to guarantee quality and timeliness with imported product.

By contrast, everything out of the new Waterloo factory has the time advantage of being locally made, with quality assured through code compliance. The new facility includes many desirable green features.

New plant leads way on glazing

The new 10,000sqm Hagley Building Products plant at Waterloo Business Park includes a fully automated double glazing line and heavy weight glass line and furnace.


It has insulated wall and roof panels, and double glazed perimeter windows.

Rainwater collected from the roof is recycled for use in glass processing and irrigation.

Street frontages around three side of the building have been enhanced with extensive landscaping.

Geoff says Waterloo Business Park is proving a great choice of location, with easy access in and out for trucks and safe separate access for

The site is close to the city’s evergrowing southern edge and also provides a straight route to the north.

With growing complexity in the both residential and commercial markets, the new Hagley Windows and Door and Thermaseal Double Glazing factory is strategically well-placed to meet the latest design trends and to continue to build on a reputation for quality.


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