Omaka Health Centre project on track

Omaka Health Centre project on track
Mainland Residential Homes is enjoying the challenge of the large-scale Omaka Health Centre project.

Marlborough’s largest privately owned health centre is now under construction at Omaka Landings subdivision, with long-standing local building company Mainland Residential Homes completing the construction for Protea Holdings.
Mainland Residential Homes managing director Marcus Hammond says the 850sqm medical, dental, and pharmaceutical centre will take approximately 12 months to build.
At the time of printing, Marcus had just completed the largest concrete pour of his career at about 150 cubic metres of concrete. He reckons his second largest was for the floor of a 380sqm home.
“The challenges with a big pour like that are getting everything done in a day time frame, we had to have an early start, and work around the neighbours with such an early start, particularly being in a residential area,” he says.
“There is a bit of management required to work around the residents which is an interesting aspect of the project.”
Besides being a large building, the construction of Omaka Health Centre required many specialists for its plumbing, electrical, and fit out components to meet Council and national medical standards.
Special attention was required around the extensive pipework coming up through the flooring for the dental chairs. “That needed to be very precise,” Marcus says.
“The dental chairs are heavy and there needs to be a serviceable area underneath the chairs which is well waterproofed so there is no moisture coming up through those areas.”
Protea Holdings owners Nick Kole and local dentist Ed Durrheim and their families identified a need for a new facility to service the growing needs of the Marlborough community.
They look forward to opening the new site with Durrheim Dental, the Frances Street Medical team, and pharmacy all excited to be in a purpose built, modern building.
“With 64 car parks and room to grow, the site will be able to service the health needs of the community as it grows,” says Nick.

Omaka Health Centre project on track
The 850sqm medical, dental, and pharmaceutical centre will take approximately 12 months to build.

“We are looking forward to being able to expand our offering in the new building and making health care easy for locals with specialists on site.”
Marcus is a new face in the office at Mainland Residential Homes, having taken over the business nine months ago from its founder Kelvin Fowler.
Marcus Hammond Builders had contracted to Mainland Residential Builders since 2002, and when the opportunity to be involved with clients from conception to completion became available, it was too good to pass up.
“Going forward at Mainland Residential Homes, we certainly want to concentrate on good quality, new residential builds,” he says.
Mainland Residential Homes has always had a good reputation, has built good quality homes, and is known to be very organised. That really comes into play on a project of the scale of Omaka Health Centre, where we need to be on top of everything to alleviate any downtime.”
For new home builders, Marcus is both the owner of the company and the only point of contact for his clients. He works closely with them on the initial design to ensure they get their dream home on time, and on budget.
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