Loving the work, loving the people you work with

Loving the work, loving the people you work with
Craig Lowe: “Our agents are really good at doing the things they should be doing.”

If you are on Wellington City’s Kent Street at 7.50 in the morning, there is every probability you will see Craig Lowe tap dancing to work, because he loves the people he works with.
Craig is the effervescent founder and managing director of Lowe & Co Realty – placed 22nd overall in the 2018 Deloitte Fast 50 Awards.Lowe & Co’s positive family culture and client focus are cornerstones of the company’s success, which has seen it evolve to one of Wellington City’s leading real estate agencies.‘We are a family,” says Craig.
“We spend as much time with each other as we do with our own families.
We have a principle that we live by—we should tap dance to work every day because we love the people we work with.
“We put a lot of effort into making sure we bring new people in who have that same family cultural fit.”
Craig supports the family spirit by ensuring all team members are nurtured and trained, have a sense of purpose and career progression, and most of all everyone has fun doing what they are best at doing.
Not yet four years old, Lowe & Co Realty has grown from a sales team of four to a team of 20 supported by a 12 strong administration team referred to as the ‘engine room’.
Craig describes the engine room as a well-oiled military camp with tidy systems and processes white boards and lists—all designed to support the sales team.
“Our ratio of admin to sales is 1:2 when the industry average is about 1:10. We think of it as specialists rather than generalists.
“Our agents are really good at doing the things they should be doing and focused on those things.
“That enables them to grow their business fast and supply a better service to their customers, and that’s attractive to high performing sales people.”
Lowe & Co has a dual strategy for its business development; one is to employ the industry’s top 10% of sales staff and the other is to ensure that there is a tight fit with company culture.
“When those two things combine that is Nirvana—that’s someone who has Lowe & Co blood. We have two tag lines—one is ‘The best home for the best agent’, the other is ‘Only the best so you don’t have to guess’. The client doesn’t have to guess if they’re getting the top agent- they know if they come to Lowe & Co they are getting the best, because we only employ the best.”
Reflecting on the Deloittes Fast 50 Award, Craig says it was recognition of the hard work that the team has put in since its early beginnings.
“It’s a huge effort by the wider team -they really have been passionate about the business and put their life into it.
“So to be recognised for that by the wider business community means a lot.”
So, next time you are on Kent Terrace early in the morning, look out for people tap dancing to work – it’s likely to be the team from Lowe & Co Realty.
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