Lora & Flok’s woollen bedding products remain superior over other fibres

The Wylie’s: Nicola, Georgia, Tom, Alex (on Toms shoulders) and Hunter.

Southland farmers Nicola and Tom Wylie aim to highlight wool’s benefits through their new business Lora & Flok. Launched in September, the business aims to help more kiwis enjoy a better night’s sleep with a range of bedding made with wool grown by their own sheep.

The journey of Lora & Flok began in late 2020 when Nicola, a mother of three, sought a creative and new way to contribute to the family’s Lora Valley farming operation in Southland, which has been in Nicola’s family for five generations.

Fuelled with motivation from other rural women doing great things with wool, and having always loved the fibre herself, Nicola began to look at ways to add value to their clip.

As Nicola delved into her research, she learned more about the properties of wool that made it the superior choice for bedding. On top of this, the characteristics of the Wylie’s wool, being high bulk, made it ideal for creating bedding that was both lightweight and comfortable.

“We were fortunate to find a company in Christchurch that let us have a crack at processing our own wool. To be able to have the entire process kept here in New Zealand was something we were really happy about.”

“We ultimately just want to see more people choosing wool over other fibres. It performs better and it’s better for the planet.”

The first product the couple created was their signature ‘Flok Fill,’ soft, springy wool balls made exclusively with wool grown on their farm. Nicola says the wool is processed in a way that the wool’s bulk and resilience are increased by over 40% to create a very lightweight but supportive loose fill that’s ideal for bedding.

Their Classic pillow, filled with Flok Fill, comes with a handy zipper and complimentary bag of extra Flok Fill, which makes it fully adjustable allowing the sleeper to find their perfect fit solving the problem of buying the wrong pillow. “You simply add or remove some of the Flok Fill to get the height and firmness you desire, no more pillow buyers regret,” says Nicola.

Another product by Lora & Flok is The Lofty duvet, made from Wylie’s Flok Fill along with other Lora Valley wool to create a web of soft, slightly more structured wool filling with a very lightweight feel.

“The Lofty lets sleepers enjoy the lightweight luxury of a feather and down duvet but without the temperature fluctuations thanks to wool’s excellent temperature regulation and moisture-wicking properties. Hot sleepers will notice a big difference sleeping under The Lofty,” says Nicola.

What sets Lora & Flok apart is the traceability of the wool back to Wylie’s family farm in the Lora Gorge. The 6000 sheep are being shorn every year, making wool a renewable fibre.

Nicola believes the combination of comfort, sustainability and health benefits of wool bedding should position Lora & Flok’s high-quality wool bedding at the top of the market. “We ultimately just want to see more people choosing wool over other fibres. It performs better and it’s better for the planet,” says Nicola.

Currently, Lora & Flok products are exclusively available through their website, loraandflok.co.nz.

Products are manufactured in the Christchurch factory then shipped to Wylie’s farm where Nicola sends them out to customers. Nicola says the response to the bedding has been overwhelmingly positive, and she’s got plenty of ideas on how to extend the range.

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