Longview Hāwera: Golden Homes Taranaki

“Located on the northern edge of town, surrounded by the breath-taking landscape of South Taranaki and boasting a new modern master planned community, Longview offers the best of both worlds.”

Golden Homes Taranaki/Waikato CEO, Wayne Smallwood

Golden Homes Taranaki has acquired eight north-facing sections in stage one of Longview Hāwera. Ranging from 505sqm to 782sqm the relatively flat sites will form an integral part of the new stylish neighbourhood that combines the best features of Longview in Hāwera, says Golden Homes Taranaki/Waikato CEO Wayne Smallwood.

“Located on the northern edge of town, surrounded by the breath-taking landscape of South Taranaki and boasting a new modern master-planned community, Longview offers the best of both worlds,” says Wayne.

“This sophisticated neighbourhood combines the best features of Hāwera with parks and green links that embrace the natural beauty of the Taranaki region. A beautiful subdivision, it is well suited to a diverse range of residents, from families with young children and professionals to retirees.”

Since Golden Homes opened its doors in 1990, Golden Homes as a company has remained focused on being on the cutting edge, offering clients the latest trends and products that are available in the market. This extends from concept and design to incorporate the latest materials and building methods resulting in homes built to the highest specifications available in the market, says Wayne.

For nearly a decade Golden Homes has used steel framing in all its builds after recognizing the clear benefits including durability, strength, earthquake performance and environmental sustainability.

Golden Homes uses New Zealand-made ZOG® steel framing and Wayne says that every home built by Golden Homes comes with a 50-year durability statement on the framing issued by New Zealand Steel. It’s part of Golden Homes’ Gold Standard Building System. He says that Golden Homes continues to be New Zealand’s leader in the construction of steel-framed homes with proven in-house design and quality manufacture and construction methods, which have been developed over the last 10 years.

“New Zealanders are more conscious of living a healthier lifestyle and living in healthier homes and that’s where locally-made ZOG® steel framing system makes a difference. It doesn’t rot, warp or harbour allergens such as mould, dust or gases released from preservative chemicals. Golden Homes is renowned for building healthy homes to withstand New Zealand’s harsh conditions and ZOG® steel framing system is capable of withstanding a magnitude 9 earthquake according to independent testing,” explains Wayne.
Another aspect of the company’s special Gold Standard Building System is RibRaft concrete floors, a method where the foundation is specifically engineered to suit the site. Wayne says they provide insulation due to the pods used and perform well in earthquakes too. R5.0 insulation in ceilings and a total of R2.5 insulation in walls (thanks to the R2.2 insulation and R0.3 Home-RAB® thermal barrier sheet) means homes will stay cool in the summer and be toasty warm in winter while using as little energy as possible.

All Seasons thermally broken double glazed windows and doors keep the condensation off the glass, as well as the aluminium window frames, meaning no problems with mould or the winter chill.

Natural air integrated ventilators are installed in all bathrooms and toilets to remove damp, stale air and keep it fresh. Asthma Foundation Sensitive Choice mark identifies products used in the home that are asthma and allergy-aware.
Golden Homes also uses metal tile or long-run roofs because they are ideally suited to New Zealand weather conditions.

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