Lockerbie Estate – Locked and loaded

“You want empty-nesters, first homebuyers, and people upsizing and downsizing. You need to develop section sizes to fit different size houses for people in their different stages of life and to accommodate different price points.”

Adriaan Vlok, Lockerbie Estate’s Development Manager

Hugging Morrinsville’s northern outskirts and encompassing 120 hectares, Lockerbie Estate has been carefully planned as an expansion of the historic rural township, seamlessly weaving into the community’s fabric.

At the heart of Lockerbie Estate is a master plan that outlines the spirit of a vibrant residential community that welcomes a broad cross-section of residents in the different stages of their lives.

“We’re creating a new community and so you want a complementary mix of people within that community,” says Adriaan Vlok, Lockerbie Estate’s Development Manager.

“You want empty-nesters, first home buyers, and people upsizing and downsizing. You need to develop section sizes to fit different size houses for people in their different stages of life and to accommodate different price points.”

With price points tailored to first homebuyers and right up to over a million dollars, sections at Lockerbie Estate range from 350sqm to 1000sqm, all offering a relaxed small-town lifestyle.

“It’s very much about bringing people together who will form this brand new community,” says Adriaan.

“There’s a whole ‘placemaking’ strategy so people can bond, relate and connect, feel as though they belong, feel a sense of place and be proud to be part of that place,” says Adriaan.
“The key to building that sense of community is intermingling the different types of homes to address the street outcome.”

While some houses have been deliberately brought closer to the street, others have been stepped back to facilitate neighbourly interaction.

Adriaan says early engagement and selection of a small group of residential building companies is also key to ensuring the achievement of the Masterplan’s vision.

Designed to attract people from the outskirts of town, a destination playground will be built in conjunction with the Matamata-Piaka District Council and will include a café, car park and childcare facility. A small block nearby will include convenience retail.

The Masterplan also incorporates a 165-unit retirement village, owned and managed by Lockerbie Estate.

Next to the retirement village, a block of land has been sold to a well known ‘care provider’ who will develop a 65-bed care facility for people suffering from dementia and no longer able to care for themselves.

Underpinning the importance of Morrinsiville’s township and its existing community Lockerbie Estate will utilise the town’s amenities including sporting and social facilities, enabling close relationships to be forged, growing the community spirit.

The land for Lockerbie Estate was purchased in 2019 and the first stage of 85 residential sections was delivered in 2020, with fifty homes already under construction.

The second stage consisting of 104 sections will be completed in November this year with Stage 3 (140 sections) delivered this coming summer, with completion in July 2022.

“The first 20 units in the retirement village will start in a month and that will be followed by another stage and then the clubhouse,” says Adriaan.

“The care home will commence at the end of next year.

“We expect the entire development to be completed in five or six years.
“We’re working with the Matamata-Piako District Council and they have been unbelievably helpful and supportive of delivery and growth in the region.”

Reflecting on the success of the project, Adriaan says the Morrinsville community’s positivity towards the expansion of their township has played a vital role.

“Morrinsville’s population is about 7000 and the total number of people moving into the Estate will be 3000 at a minimum, so it’s a big expansion of the current town.

“The Morrinsville community is very proud of their town and Lockerbie Estate will add to the town’s desirability as a place to work and live. Lockerbie Estate will help put Morrinsville on the map again and the expansion of the township will also bring new business opportunities.”

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