Young company putting its best foot forward

Young company putting its best foot forward
The Thornton Road home has been designed to suit its long skinny site.

Nikki Jones is part of a team of three who quite literally dreamed up the idea of a Cambridge based home building business over a pint at the local pub.
“There’s me, my husband Luke and brother-in-law Steve. Luke’s a builder and Steve a dentist and we just sat down one day and decided it was time to put all our thinking into action and fulfil some dreams,” says Nikki.
Established in April 2018 Linecrest Homes has just completed its second home in Cambridge at 3/213 Thornton Road and has started another home next door.
Nikki says they have received a positive response from open-home days, with favourable comments about the amount of storage deliberately built into the house and the fact that all four bedrooms were double size.
The home was built on a section carved off from an original much larger property and Nikki says that infill projects such as this can at times come with challenges.
“These older sections are in established areas but may have underground water tanks or large tree root systems so there are both pluses and challenges building on them.”
For the Thornton Road home Nikki and the team worked with The Architecture People to hone a design that would specifically suit the quite long skinny site. What generally happens is that Nikki and the team sketch their original ideas and then hands final design over to the experts to ensure the best possible fit for the site.
The entire eastern side of the section opens up to crown-owned land which is a green belt and offers views to nearby Maungakawa. At 200sqm and with four ample bedrooms Nikki says that it’s a home that she would be happy to live in.
“In fact that is our company ethos. “We’re not interested in building homes that we wouldn’t want to live in so we really give a lot of thought to design, materials and special features.
“In the case of this home, examples of this include automatic sensor lights that illuminate the hallway and under the vanity in the bathrooms, as well as underfloor heating.”The home also has two living areas with a be-spoke cedar barn slider separating the spaces off.
Outside cedar and stria painted black create a bold distinctive look.Last year the step was taken to employ another qualified builder enabling Linecrest Homes to grow organically, something that Nikki feels is very important.“We want to take small measured steps and we’re not interested in pumping out lots of low quality homes at all.”
Operating in one of New Zealand’s fastest growing regions is an exciting journey and Nikki believes that with the complementary skills of the owners there is a very positive future ahead.
“I’m always happy to arrange viewings of the homes and we’re always interested in the feedback we get from those who come through.”
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