Firm at forefront of plastics evolution

Firm at forefront of plastics evolution
LEP Engineering Plastics is at the leading edge of engineering plastics for industrial and commercial applications.

With more than 60 years of experience, LEP Engineering Plastics has a skilled and innovative team providing effective and efficient design, manufacture, moulding, and machining of custom-engineered solutions to most industries across New Zealand. LEP is the longest established company of its type in New Zealand.
It supplies a wide range of products, including industrial/engineering plastics, machined plastic products, injection moulding, and polyurethane products to a wide range of industries, particularly food processing, dairy and agriculture, timber, seafood processing, and electronics.
The company is committed to being at the leading edge of engineering plastics for industrial and commercial applications.
The company is proud to be introducing high performance plastics, often as a replacement to metal and other materials, to a growing number of companies and industries.
“Engineering plastics exhibit superior properties such as low weight, high mechanical strength, and heat and chemical resistance, and are generally used in applications which require a high level of performance,” says LEP manager Paul Kennedy.
“Engineering plastics are much easier to manufacture, especially in complicated shapes, and have replaced traditional engineering materials such as wood or metal in many applications,” says Paul.
“The increasing usage of engineering plastics to replace traditional materials is expected to lead the market towards product innovation and material development.”
LEP has extensive manufacturing capacity in its Auckland and Christchurch premises, including New Zealand’s largest polyurethane casting plant in Auckland, an injection moulding factory in Christchurch, plus state-of-the-art machine shops in both Auckland and Christchurch.
In 2014, it acquired New Zealand’s first and largest 3D plastics printing company Plastic Design Technologies, which has since been rebranded as Precision 3D Printing.
With 18 years’ experience, Precision 3D Printing is an expert in rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing, specialising in smaller production runs and intricate parts with a turnaround time of one to three days.
Precision 3D Printing works together with  LEP Engineering Plastics to 3D print models for testing and approval before being injection moulded.
“By dealing with us, our customers can reduce the number of suppliers they have because we can handle such a broad range of products and solutions,” Paul says.
“We can machine complex plastic shapes, we can clone parts in polyurethane to reduce tooling costs, and polyurethane coat wheels and rollers using high quality materials that last longer. For some parts we can make a one-off by 3D printing, make 50-off by rapid moulding, and make 1000-off by injection moulding.So clients only have to deal with one company from concept to production.”
“Service is the key for us – the right product specified, quick turnaround, the right price, and good quality,” Paul says.
“The majority of our customer service, sales, and production managers are mechanical engineering qualified or certified. They are technical people who really enjoy working with our customers to solve problems.”
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