Good design enhances a sense of community

Good design enhances a sense of community
At Milldale LASF’s landscape planning and design work includes streetscape work and furniture and playground design.

Landscape architect Simon Ferrick has worked on both the Millwater and Milldale residential subdivisions and the continued role provides for the opportunity to see the ‘big picture’ of the developments providing design consistency over the various stages of the subdivision, he says, “We aim to create an overall development that provides a vegetative amenity throughout the streetscape and open spaces using appropriate size and species of trees, keeping in mind the scale and appearance of the surrounding built form.
“Having consistency of the overall planting palette and theme helps create a sense of community and uniformity for those living in the development.”
Simon is a member of the New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects having completed his landscape architecture degree at Lincoln University after studying horticulture and Parks and Recreation Management prior. He formed Landscape Architects Simon Ferrick Ltd (LASF) and has been practicing in Auckland for the past 22 years.
LASF is a local design based business with expertise in a wide range of landscape and environmental practices. The business has a practical base in construction, which has enabled the company to provide extensive landscape supervision and implementation of much of the design work undertaken by the office.
“It’s a part of the work that I enjoy, being able to be on site watching the work be completed and seeing the results, ensuring the construction and maintenance of the landscape elements is completed correctly and to the highest standards to ensure client satisfaction. It also enables the landscape architect to make changes on site if required to get the best outcome possible,” he explains.
LASF has maintained a comprehensive client list and completed a substantial index of work since beginning having been involved in projects from Northland to the West Coast of the South Island.
“We provide a personal service approach and enjoy the opportunity to work in a team with client, engineers, ecologists, arborist, planners and contractors to achieve the best outcome on every project undertaken.”
Milldale is an on going project for LASF. Milldale is located directly opposite the popular Millwater development and is bordered by Wainui Road and the Orewa River to the north, and One Valley Road and Weiti River to the south.
The development is set in a gentle undulating valley that is drenched in northerly sun and has been undertaken by Fulton Hogan Land Developments.
“Milldale shows an obvious commitment by the developer to provide a well-planned and balanced environment that allows communities to live, work and play around areas that offer a great lifestyle,” says Simon.
“We are proud to be associated with both Millwa-ter and Milldale and as the developments grow the landscape results are becoming obvious. Locals seem to be happy with the design and therefore the subdivision has attracted a range of people to live in the communities and show care and an interest in the landscape environment around them.”
At Milldale LASF has undertaken landscape planning and design including streetscape works, stormwater treatment planting design, rain garden and street tree planting and open space design including furniture and playground design.
“The work covers many aspects of the landscape from street tree planning to bush restoration and inclusion of existing vegetation within a new urban context. We endeavour to use appropriate species for the location including many native trees and shrubs eco-sourced from the local ecological district of Rodney.”
Simon says that the correct plant selection for the district and planting environment will provide longevity for the vegetation and help provide the visual amenity required in such developments.“It is also important to choose trees and plants of the right scale to complement the built structures,” he says.
“This creates a sense of balance in Milldale.”LASF are often contracted to oversee the on-going maintenance and supervision of projects in terms of general maintenance, pest control and replanting.
“This provides some certainty to the long term results of the newly developed landscape of a development.” Simon says LASF has been very lucky to have worked with a number of great clients over the years.
“Because of those relationships and successful projects completed we have a strong business and strive to ensure the landscapes we create become essential and enjoyed by the residents of places such as Milldale and Millwater.”
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