Innovative underground expertise

Innovative underground expertise
Kiwi Welldrillers has 40 years of drilling expertise up their sleeves.

Kiwi Welldrillers offers over two decades of expertise in drilling for water. Company operations manager Sam Korewha says by focusing on drilling for water Kiwi Welldrillers can offer clients best value and knowledge.
“For example we now have a huge database of information on bores we have drilled. This allows us to quote accurately and reduces the risk of hidden costs as we have knowledge of the geology of many parts of the North Island where we have drilled before,” he explains.
Kiwi Welldrillers was formed around 40 years ago by Kevin Brown and his brother Shane.
In the early years it carried out oil, gas, gold and mineral exploration drilling. It was about 20 years ago that the company decided to specialise in the construction of water bores on a no water no pay basis, additionally offering a lifetime guarantee on the bore construction. The company is today owned by Geoff Butt.
Sam says that the company was the first to introduce PVC cased bores, which have been found to outlast metal cased bores and continue to be the preferred casing material in the majority of cases.
Kiwi Welldrillers uses high pressure PVC, which results in good cost efficiencies and ease of installation as it is a light material. In cases where ground geology or other factors mean PVC is not appropriate the company offers other material choices such as steel.
Kiwi Welldrillers can design and construct a bore to suit the application offering a full turnkey package including consents.
Services include water bore testing, measuring flows and drawdown for sustainability, data logging and retrieval for larger water takes and working with hydrogeologists and consultants.
Bore pumps can be supplied and installed by Kiwi Welldrillers or the company can consult with the customer’s local agent if preferred.
Sam says that bores are an increasingly popular source of water: “By tapping into underground supplies, they help meet water demand in areas where there is limited supply,” he says.
Of course it is the skill of the driller that is important to ensure that the bore is properly constructed and this is where the experience of the Kiwi Welldrillers team is important.
The team, who are qualified drillers or training to be. Kiwi Welldrillers works for a wide variety of clients including bach and home owners and farmers, completing small jobs to large irrigation blocks. A recent project was a bore for Waiheke School.

Innovative underground expertise
Kiwi Welldrillers has completed a range of different projects for home and bach owners, farmers, education facilities and more.

“The school had two bores producing water with a lot of minerals that needed to be filtered out to make it drinkable. They now have one bore
that works well and their filtration bills will have reduced,” says Sam.
Heat loops is a more recent service. Kiwi Welldrillers is one of the first companies to install vertical Ground Source Heat Loops in New Zealand and has completed various projects.
“This is a process of transforming solar energy from the ground into the home,” explains Sam.
“It is the future of heating and is sustainable energy reducing your power bills by up to 70%. It uses the first 20 degrees direct from the ground, and electricity then provides the boost to create the desired temperature.”
Sam says the aim is to continue to grow Kiwi Welldrillers and updating equipment in order to offer clients the latest technology.
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