Personal approach to complex builds

Personal approach to complex builds

Trade craftsmanship, attention to detail, adaptability and the ability to problem solve are all the qualities that a client expects of the builder of their beautiful new architectural home.
But what really sets Christchurch’s Keystone Construction apart is the personalised approach that its young managing director, Tim Nugteren, and his team bring to every project they undertake.
“I’m the business owner and project manager, I price the projects, oversee them and I’m also on site on the tools a lot of the time too—the client gets a very personalised package.
They get to work with me from pricing to handing over the keys and that is important to how we operate.
“It also means I have a very good understanding of what the project involves before we put a spade in the ground.”
Having recently completed a highly contemporary but complex architectural hill build in the prestigious Redmund Spur subdivision, Tim says that personalised approach is his company’s biggest point of difference.
“For these types of projects the client has such a big emotional attachment to the build that it’s really important we share that emotional attachment with them. We want to have the same pride and passion in people’s homes that they do when it’s finished and that’s something all my guys have.”
Working closely throughout the Redmund Spur project with Christchurch practices, Rohan Collett Architects and Engco Consulting Engineers, Keystone Construction has crafted a dramatic architectural masterpiece with expansive views of the Canterbury plains leading through to the Southern Alps.
From the driveway a large living area cantilevers over the drive with LED lighting illuminating the entrance underneath that encompasses a triple car garage, a feature staircase and bedroom.
Tim explains that the staircase, constructed of solid oak and cedar timber at the entrance is a key feature of the home, literally inviting guests to the main living areas above.
“Our joiner, Murray Hewitt Joinery, made all the oak and cedar components for the staircase which we installed.

Personal approach to complex builds
This remarkable home in Redmund Spur is built for entertaining and privacy while maximising the amazing views.

“As soon as you reach the top of the grand staircase you’re in a huge open plan area encompassing dining, kitchen, lounge area, with a large deck and louvre roof.”
Two guest bedrooms, bathroom and toilet are off to one side of the living areas, while the master bedroom and ensuite maintain the owners privacy at the other end.
Decking comes off the guest bedrooms with a private deck and spa pool area off the master bedroom.
“There are a few split levels within the house which is very much built for entertaining and privacy while maximising the amazing view of the Canterbury plains and Alps.”
Oak flooring and wood-grain joinery are juxta-posed against a largely black and white interior, adding a soft warm finish.
The dark theme is continued on the home’s exterior cladding with the clients choosing the very contemporary Flax Pod.
“E-Span tray roofing was used for the roof as well as 90% of the walls. The rest of the cladding is Xpress Clad fibre cement sheet. The whole exterior of the house, including the aluminium joinery is coloured Flax Pod.The house certainly stands out from the landscape – quite a dramatic and dark building on the side of the hill that is visible quite some distance away.”
Tim says one of the client’s key requirements for the project was the ability to make changes as the build progressed—and there were quite a lot of variations which did impact on programme and ultimately the completion date.
“Many of the changes were smaller in nature but still had a large impact, such as changing tile sizes.
“Two of the larger variations were a complete change to the kitchen design and adding the open-able louvre roof over the main deck.  As the main contractor you adapt to the changes and deal with how they impact other aspects of the project.”
Personal approach to complex builds
Stunning oak flooring and wood-grain joinery are tastefully juxtaposed against a largely black and white interior.

Reflecting on critical elements that must go right Tim says that, apart from the uncontrollable weather, good communication with the architect/client and subcontractors is essential.
“All of our sub contractors are key. I guess we see them as an extension of us, and the project.
On these types of projects, especially with tight time-lines if you do not have that good relationship with the subcontractors you are not going to be able to get them when you want them and that’s massive for us.
“I’m the kind of person that gets along with people quite easily and find it easy to build friendships and relationships—that’s a huge plus.”
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