Keystone takes your build personally

Keystone takes your build personally
The single storey, four-bedroom home has been architecturally designed to maximise the breathtaking views.

Personalising the build is the key to success for young Christchurch building company Keystone Construction Ltd.
Tim Nugteren, Keystone Construction’ founder and managing director, says it’s not just about building the house and making money, it’s really about building a relationship that will last longer than the build.
“The client has so much emotional attachment to the home that we’re building and it’s important that we share that emotional attachment. It means clients feel they can trust us to build their dream home.”
No affirmation of the lasting relationship and trust is greater than ‘word-of-mouth’ referral from one client to another.
When the owners of an architectural home in Huntsbury Hill, built by Tim and his team, noticed the owners of an empty section below pacing out their own building platform, they made a point of walking down, introducing themselves and singing the praises of Keystone Construction.
Coffee between Tim and the new clients ensued, with Tim viewing the preliminary drawings and making one or two recommendations.
“After that first meeting I didn’t hear from them for quite a long time. Then they got back in touch with me at the start of 2018 and asked if I would be interested in pricing the project.”
Competing against another builder who had already put the driveway in, Tim thought he might have been at a disadvantage but was eventually awarded the contract.
“The feedback I got from the clients was that they felt I had a better understanding of their needs and wants and a better understanding of the project as a whole. It’s good to know that we’re not winning projects just on price.” A key point of difference for Keystone Construction is that Tim does all the pricing in-house.
“Pricing the build gives me a really good understanding of the project before it even begins.” Due for completion in March, the single storey, four-bedroom home has been architecturally designed to maximise breathtaking views looking down at the sparkling lights of Christchurch City, the Kairoura Ranges and the ocean.
The whole living area and bedroom wing is designed so that every room has a view with access out to the 215sqm garapa deck that wraps around from the corner of the master bedroom right round the whole living space.
While 80% of the exterior cladding is cedar, a dark powder coated aluminium panel system contrasts exquisitely with the cedar’s soft tones.
Flax Pod—the new black—has been used as the colouring for the aluminum joinery, the Espan tray roof, feature panel and garage door. But perhaps the angles of the house are the real design hero.
“The bedroom wing is on a 30-degree angle to the main wing to capture the views and to get as much sun as possible. Then the 20-degree pitch of the roof infl uences everything from the ceiling angle, windows, including internal windows and the front entrance way.”
A large entrance way draws you right through to the main living area with large windows that look out to the views. The main living area is made up of six very large steel portal frames, which are boxed out into the room.
“Essentially it’s an 18metre long, open, highceilinged living area,” explains Tim.
“Between the portals, feature plywood ceilings will be suspended from the 20-degree pitch roof with the high point being 5.1 metres. The ply is furniture-grade blonde oak that will be lightly stained.”
Tim says that starting earthworks and foundation work over the very wet May of 2018 proved to be a significant challenge.
“During that month we had a total of 14 hours sunshine. It’s already hard doing foundations on the hill let alone dealing with that kind of weather. We were continuously pumping water, working in the mud and covering the trenches with makeshift tents.”
Five years young in October 2018, Keystone Construction has already established a reputation for attention to detail and developing that very personalised customer experience throughout the project. “It’s not just something that I aim for, it’s something that all my team really strive for,” says Tim.
“I’m proud of where we’ve got and I couldn’t have done that without the team—I’m proud of what they can do and the way they have learned. And the subbies—at the end of the day those guys are an extension of Keystone Construction.”
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