Stunning result from two-year project

Stunning result from two-year project
The home features lots of glass balustrading, including a glass bridge connecting the home to the pool area.

A challenging two-year project for Auckland’s Keith Hunter Builders has now resulted in a fantastic new home and an enjoyable journey for everyone involved. Keith Hunter Builders has completed the build of a three-storey home on Gladwin Road, right up against One Tree Hill.
“We started with a very challenging site which required lots of excavation, including one big cut eight metres deep which is where we tucked the house into,” Keith says.
“Other options for this site would require less excavation but would have all sorts of design restrictions. “The owner is a very detailed person, very methodical and precise, and he wanted it how he wanted it.”
Brian Matthews Contracting did the excavation over a three week period, then Eastside Concrete Pumps came in to apply Shotcrete to stabilise the bank.
With a platform to work on, Keith Hunter Builders started construction of the ground floor with a couple of very large precast concrete panels.
One of these weighed more than 20 tonne and was craned in to place by a 120-tonne crane at full reach.
The groundfloor features block work as well as concrete panels, and these were tanked and waterproofed by Sansom Construction Systems. On the interior, the block work base has been ground and polished then sealed with a glaze to enhance its look.
The upper two levels used Nu-Wall aluminium powder coated vertical shiplap cladding, simple to use on a square box but more of a challenge with a home such as this. “This house has angles everywhere, exposed beams, and lots of little details.
“The cladding had to be specifically designed with Nu-Wall, and they worked with us in several areas. There are several exposed beams covered in Nu-Wall which had to be custom made, folded, and angled specifically for that job.” Inside the home is a highly detailed interior.
The owner works in IT and is also a qualified lighting designer and engineer, and he has designed and installed his own lighting systems throughout the home, all controlled by Bluetooth and cable-free.
The home features lots of glass balustrading, including a glass bridge connecting the home to the pool area, where Keith Hunter Builders constructed a concrete pool.
Timber decking is prominent in the outdoor areas, including one timber deck on the roof leading out from the master bedroom, with an outlook towards the Manukau Heads and the sea in the distance.
Keith says the fi nished product has given his team immense satisfaction.
“It looks really good,” he says. “It’s not a huge house, but it is very detailed and snuggled into the cliff. Our client was wonderful, very knowledgeable, and a delight to work with.”
Keith Hunter Builders strives to make its clients’ construction journeys enjoyable, and after 30 years in the industry, has the skills and experience to handle even the most challenging of projects in this manner.
Keith Hunter Builders has specialised in highend, intensive renovations, but now the market is changing with higher density and infi ll housing, new builds make up about 50% of the company’s work.
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