Final phase for JRN at Springlands

Final phase for JRN at Springlands
JRN Construction has built 60 high spec villas at Springlands Lifestyle Village.

Seven years after starting work on the first villa at Blenheim’s Springlands Lifestyle Village, JRN Construction is preparing to complete the final three at the boutique retirement village.
These are due to be finished by the end of August, bringing to 60 the number of high spec villas completed by JRN Construction at Springlands.
It adds up to a quality body of work for the company’s managing director Jade Nathan and his team, who have created an enduring legacy that fully meets the village pledge to provide luxury retirement living.
With most of the villas now occupied, Jade says it is rewarding to hear the ongoing positive feedback from residents.
“We’ve been building there for seven years now and I don’t think we’ve had a single negative comment,” Jade says. “People love the buildings and often talk about how quiet and comfortable they are.”
Attention to detail is evident in the construction finish of these architecturally designed homes, made for independent retirement living.
Ranging from 120sqm to 160sqm, the contemporary villas are sunny, light, elegant and comfortable with the very latest fittings and appliances.
Permanent materials have been used to provide low maintenance durability.
Each villa has its own unique features, influenced by the lifestyles of individual residents. Some are more spacious than others but all have been built to very high standards.
“These really are easy places for people to live with level entry to all dwellings and features such as rounded edges on joinery for those who have wanted that. They are not squeezed together; everyone has that little bit of room, including private patios to enjoy.”
Jade says it has been a pleasure to work at Springlands because of its commitment to quality and also because its boutique scale has ensured the focus has remained firmly on the residents at every stage.

Final phase for JRN at Springlands
Ranging from 120sqm to 160sqm, the contemporary villas are sunny, light, elegant and comfortable.

“Compared to other retirement villages, Springlands is small and easier to navigate; it’s a lovely close community where people can really get to know each other.”
After forming JRN Construction in 2010, Jade approached one of his previous clients for a reference.
It was a smart move as that client, Chris Thornley, later became the managing director at Springlands Lifestyle Village and offered Jade the opportunity to build there.
Working on site every day over the past seven years has enabled Jade to keep a close eye on progress and to maintain a high standard of workmanship.
From his perspective, nothing but the best is acceptable when building homes for people who have worked hard all their lives and are ready to enjoy their retirement.
JRN Construction has good relationships with local suppliers, so the whole construction process has proceeded smoothly and with no cost overruns.
Jade says it’s great to see people settling in and making the most of the well-presented grounds, river walk and easy access to local shops and other amenities.
He says the opportunity to work at Springlands has been fantastic for him and his team, providing them with steady work over seven years.
“We came here for this retirement village as a result of having built that relationship with the managing director. It has been the biggest single job that I’ve ever had – it has been amazing.”
With so much activity in the local building sector, JRN Construction will soon be shifting its focus to home building and other projects in the Blenheim area.
To judge by what has been achieved at Springlands, JRN Construction will continue to make its mark on the local building scene in coming years.
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