Design flair helps to transform home

Design flair helps to transform home
Instinct Interiors work included specifying the bathroom design and finishes, kitchen finishes, feature lighting fittings and locations, flooring, colours, and curtains.

A recent residential project for Wanaka’s Instinct Interiors on a Northlake Section has transformed one of the development’s standard house-and-land packages into a highly detailed architectural home, which stands out from the rest with well specified interior and exterior finishes.
Instinct Interiors has been providing sophisticated solutions for residential and commercial interior design in Wanaka since 2013.
Managing director Penny Calder has extensive international experience and a large design portfolio including renovations, high-end styling, and commercial remodels and installations.
Her experience includes concept design and construction documentation for office fit outs for a number of large international clients, including global computer security software company McAfee in London, and the Virgin Blue head office in Brisbane.
Since landing in Wanaka, Penny has completed many residential projects, working with clients, developers, builders, and architects to provide the next level of detail, and transform rooms into elegant and functional spaces.
At Northlake, Penny’s very organised and remote client contacted her before building began on his home.
Working within design restrictions around the home’s footprint Penny, her client and his builder made modifications to the floor plan to make it more effective for his lifestyle.
Penny’s scope of work included specifying the bathroom design and finishes, kitchen finishes, feature lighting fittings and locations, flooring, colours, and curtains.
During construction and fit-out, Penny was on site working with the subtrades to ensure her plan was executed properly.
In the commercial sector, Penny has been space planning for local operators moving in to the Three Parks mixed use development, which will eventually be home to a New World supermarket, a Mitre 10 Mega, a new school and early childhood centre, a business park, and large and small scale retail.
With Wanaka getting busier, competition is ramping up for accommodation providers and more Airbnbs are continuing to open up in the town.
“A lot of the hotels, motels, and bigger establishments need to improve their offering to compete with the Airbnbs,” Penny says.
“The hotels have the prime spots, they’ve been there for many years, but now there are more ac-commodation options, they need to be lifting their game.”
Campgrounds in Wanaka and Roxburgh have already called on Instinct Interiors to update the look and feel of their facilities, and Penny has worked on their holiday homes, cottages, and cabins.
Penny says one of the first things she looks at on any project is feature lighting, because of the ability of different textures and styles of lighting to completely transform a space.
She also uses sophisticated colours to brighten a blank canvas. “And texture, lots of texture.”
She says industrial finishing is becoming more of a feature in residential interiors.
“There is an increasing amount of concrete and steel coming through, and these are softened with the use of timber. Light grains continue to be popular, but we are now getting into darker browns and blacks as well.”
Instinct Interiors is now being rebranded to reflect Penny’s ability to be a one-stop-shop for everything interior related.
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