Industrial Brake and Track – New warehouse a major milestone

Industrial Brake and Track

“The new warehouse will enable us to have more stock on hand, which will have a direct flow-on benefit to our customers who rely on the availability of parts to keep them mobile and minimise operational downtime.”

Managing Director, Mike Pearce

Industrial Brake and Track (IBT) has just accomplished the latest stage in its 16-year journey with the completion of its purpose-designed warehouse at Rolleston’s IZone Business Hub, on the outskirts of Christchurch City.

IBT is a proven supplier of spare parts for New Zealand’s mining, forestry, roading, contracting, quarrying and earthmoving industries and was previously based in leased premises near Christchurch airport.

The new building fulfils Managing Director Mike Pearce’s dream of transitioning the business from leased accommodation, to owning his own warehouse premises.

Mike says IZone’s appeal was that it was right on the main trunkline, in close proximity to many other commercial businesses and that the land suitable for his business was secured for the right price. Inclusive of land the project cost $1.6 million.

The single storey tilt-slab warehouse encompasses 1000sqm, including 140sqm of office space, and is complemented with a 1500sqm fenced outdoor area that will be utilised for parking and the storage of rubber products.

“Essentially the new warehouse will stock all the product that we bring into Lyttelton via sea freight in containers. We have MPI clearance so we can unload all of our containers here.

“The new warehouse will enable us to have more stock on hand, which will have a direct flow-on benefit to our customers who rely on the availability of parts to keep them mobile and minimise operational downtime.”

“From here we are pretty much a day to get parts and machinery to any location in the South Island. There is a lot of activity here and that will also attract business. So the location presents a number of advantages to us and our customers.,” says Mike.

The design and build project commenced April 2021 and was completed on time in November 2021 by Christchurch based Zeal Construction.

“They are a couple of young guys who are pretty motivated,” says Mike. “I told them what we wanted and the money we had available.

“They took me around previous projects they had undertaken and that helped shape the general design. I said to the owner of Zeal, that I wanted the project done on time and he said, ‘I will get it done on time.’

“Before the tar-seal went down there was a lot of rain during November and Zeal brought in a helicopter to hover over the sub-base before they could put the seal down.

“If they didn’t do that it would not have gone down till after Christmas. The whole project went really smoothly and there was great communication from Zeal.

“We had a project foreman reporting to us every week. It was like a well-oiled machine really.”

Mike founded IBT in 2006, following a sixteen-year background working in the industry for other companies.

From its early inception as a small one man operation the business has steadily grown through satisfied customers and word of mouth, acquiring key customers and overseas suppliers. “We now have 1000 account holders from Kaitaia to Invercargill, a team of seven, a branch in Tauranga close to the Port and we handle about $1.6 million worth of stock each year. Ninety-five percent of our product is imported.

“We import steel and rubber track gear, diesel engine parts, after-market parts of Caterpillar, Volvo and Komatsu machinery. Our undercarriage is the steel and rubber and includes machines from one-tonne up to 100 tonnes.”

IBT offers the best high-quality undercarriage replacement parts while giving customers the ability to obtain significant savings to reduce repair cost on their machine by using after-market parts.

“We’re committed to lowering the customer’s total parts’ cost and maximizing productivity. We provide a supply on demand service and once an order comes in we use Mainfreight and Mainstream to get the parts to the client on time.

We also use DHL for urgent breakdown situations.

“We can order from the United States on a Thursday and have it in Auckland on the Monday.”

Reflecting on the last sixteen years, the growth and success of the business Mike says it really has been about business relationships built with the customers.

“That has been about having the right product when the customer needs it, having the experience to know what the customer requires and knowing what the customer has in his fleet so that the right advice can be delivered.

“It’s important that the customer does not over capitalise on parts, especially when after-market/OEM parts can save the customer thousands of dollars as the machine nears the end of its life — we can definitely help with that.”

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