ICL goes from strength to strength

ICL goes from strength to strength
ICL is involved in a wide range of sectors including residential and commercial construction and civil works.

Cole Wenmoth, one of two directors from New Plymouth-based ICL Construction, says the last three years since taking over the company, along with fellow director and wife Sammy-Jo, has been an equal mix of stressful and exhilarating.
The company works in a wide range of sectors including residential and commercial, industrial, the energy sectors, precast and pre-stressed concrete manufacturing, farming and civil works along with ongoing building maintenance and a 24/7 emergency repair response unit.
It employs just over 50 staff across a range of divisions from, management, construction and civil along with a specialist pre-cast and pre-stressed concrete manufacturing and installation crew.
“When we took over the business we had a business plan and I would say three years on we have achieved 75 percent of our business goals,” says Cole.
His main role is in the office fulfilling governance responsibilities along with procurement of projects and at any one time up to a dozen projects of various sizes and complexities will be on the company’s books under construction.
“We usually have up to five reasonably-sized projects on the go. As a main contractor we would extend to builds up to two hours away from our home base in New Plymouth and further should the contractor procurement be negotiated or on an ECI basis.”
For pre-cast concrete that domain grows to sup-plying and installing throughout the North Island.At this years Commercial Projects Awards ICL made a stunning entrance, with eight projects featuring in the awards judging.
Cole sayshis says a lot about the company’s workload capabilities over the past year along with the commitments that their suppliers and sub-contractors provide the company.
“We’re certainly not one of the largest construction companies but I think a few of the main players noticed our presence in these awards.”
ICL Construction received a Commercial Fit-Out Gold Award and a National Category Award for its work on a complex, multi-staged complete refurbishment project.

ICL goes from strength to strength
The redevelopment of Taranaki’s Yarrow Stadium has been another successful project for ICL Construction.

This was the first floor across three connected buildings with structural strengthening over four levels at the New Plymouth District Council’s Civic Centre.
The nature of the build demanded extensive services coordination, including CCTV, HVAC, security, AV, data, electrical and phone management systems.
To add to the complexity, the eight month build included weather-tightness and roofing works to the exterior of the council’s main building.
“It was a tendered project and we had to deliver it in the shortest possible time to minimise disruption to staff. The project involved a total gut and refit. The team at Creative Spaces Architecture did a wonderful job with the design.”
A large number of sub-trades were engaged in the project and Cole says one outstanding feature of the build was the unique way the buildings were strengthened, involving wrapping all the concrete columns in carbon fibre, a new methodology for strengthening introduced since the Christchurch quakes.
“That work was only able to be done after day time business hours because throughout the project council staff continued to work. It meant a lot of night and weekend work.”
Cole describes it as very satisfying to experience the reaction of Council staff to their new working and social environment. Part of the project included a brand new café for staff to enjoy.
“In building two we didn’t initially understand the scope of the work. We knew they wanted to do something with their café. It became a collaborative approach to design and build a solution on the fly. It was quite a challenge and was watched closely by Council staff.”
The Judges commented that the New Plymouth District Council Civic Centre refit and upgrade was a highly ambitious renovation project involving multiple sub-contractors and multiple different construction techniques all happening at the same time, which involved working around the clock on some weeks.
The relationship with Council has continued beyond the completion of the refit with ICL being awarded a separa.
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