Boat building background used to best advantage

Boat building background used to best advantage
Hutton Contracting completes new homes and large renovation projects.

Starting his career as a boat builder has taught Gerard Hutton the importance of craftsmanship and perfection. It is these qualities that have become the hallmark of his Auckland-based building company Hutton Contracting.
“Building boats the craftsmanship is extremely high – higher than for a typical home. “It was a good way to really learn about details and getting things looking as good as they can.
“It is this kind of attention to detail and perfection I now aim for with every home I build,” he says.
Gerard started his working career building boats for one of the world’s largest boat builders when he was just 15. In his early 20s he made the shift to building houses and has never looked back.
He has gained experience working on large architecturally designed homes in Auckland, a market niche that he says fits in well with his focus on craftsmanship.
He started his own company in 2016 and builds Auckland wide for a variety of clients including developers, housing companies and the general public.
Gerard, who is a Licensed Building Practitioner, says that the market has been busy.
Many projects he works on are for a long period of time due to the scale and complex nature of the builds he specialises in.
For example a recently completed project spanned two and a half years. It’s a long time to ensure quality levels are high indicating the levels of expertise he can bring to such projects.
The home in Devonport was around 540 square metres and included five bedrooms and five bathrooms. It was set over two levels with a basement level opening out to an infinity pool.
Inside his craftsmanship was given full reign with tongue and groove raking ceilings, floor to ceiling windows and floating stairs.
Hutton Contracting completes new homes and large renovation projects.
Gerard can also complete the ground and civil works aspects of projects and has his own 5.5 tonne and 3 tonne diggers and a truck.
He says this gives him good control over the entire project from the ground up. It’s also better for the client as there is just one point of contact.
Clients often come with their own plans but Gerard also has a trusted team of architects he can work with if required to offer a complete service.
He can upscale his team as required with a good pool of contractors to call on.
At present Hutton Contracting is working on a 220sqme two-storey home in Millwater. With cedar, weatherboard and metal long run cladding, the open plan home offers high ceilings inside.
Steel portals have created a larger then usual open living area. Cantilevered soffits over the front door lead to a cantilevered decking area.
Gerard plans to continue to grow his busy business, catering to the growth of Auckland and the need for more housing in the region. He also has long term plans to start building homes to sell.
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