Hurley Architects brings development dreams to life in Pukekohe

With Pukekohe’s population projected to almost double in the next 20 years, local architecture practice and the Franklin district’s only NZIA-registered practice, Hurley Architects, looks forward to helping clients bring their development dreams to life.

Jann Hurley says with its rural feel, Pukekohe offers a nice country lifestyle and is well-known for its market gardens with fertile, free-draining soil. It is this productive land however that will impede future housing development with a lot of contention already arising locally about building on these elite soils.

“To get the development we need, people will have to get their heads around the idea of going upwards and more intensive,” she says. “There is currently a limited amount of apartments and townhouses in Pukekohe and those that are here seem to be quite low quality, so there is a market here for higher quality, higher standard, higher density housing.”

“There is also a need for more diverse options than what is currently available for housing, especially for the young and the old who don’t want or need to be in a three to four-bedroom house. There will be demand upcoming for a higher quality lock up and leave, where people don’t have to spend their whole weekend doing the garden.”

A big change is imminent for Pukekohe with the extension of electrification of Auckland’s metro rail network from Papakura to Pukekohe, set to be completed next year.

“That is going to make it quicker and easier to get into the city,” Jann says. “At the moment you never know how long it will take to get to town and it can take one and a half hours. Once the Pukekohe line is electrified, living here will be more viable and reliable than using a car to get to the city.”

Hurley Architects’ years of hands-on experience and professional development deliver homes that surprise and delight for many years to come.

With residential growth comes commercial growth, and Eke Panuku Development Auckland has already created a complex and overlapping masterplan proposing to shape Pukekohe’s town centre in the coming years.

The proposal includes the Edinburgh Street Superblock site which Hurley Architects can see from the office window, where a dining district laneway would showcase Pukekohe’s local produce and include commercial or residential development for up to 2000 workers or 500 residents.

Hurley Architects is a 30-year-old boutique architectural practice with a highly experienced team that produces designs with city styling and country practicality.

“Our design expertise means we know where to invest for the wow factor, and where to modify our clients’ design dreams to suit their budgets,” Jann says. “We can help with everything from the concept planning and the marketing materials that you need to get people on board with these kinds of projects. We can manage complex construction phases and the flow of documents to make our clients’ build journeys as stress-free as possible.”

Whether an urban or a rural design, Hurley Architects will work to maximise the potential any site has to offer. Every new home designed by the practice is bespoke, a reflection of each client’s personal style and a response to their unique requirements.

With a design process that walks clients through every decision in manageable steps, and selections documented with an eye on the overall design direction, Hurley Architects’ years of hands-on experience and professional development deliver homes that surprise and delight for many years to come.

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