Helping to rectify leaky home problems

Helping to rectify leaky home problems
Howard Jones Builders is an expert in fixing leaky homes.

Experienced, licensed, and certified New Plymouth building company Howard Jones Builders has been rectifying local leaky homes that have been built using non-performing cladding systems, stripping the exterior cladding, fixing rotten window frames, and recladding with superior and fit-for-purpose systems.
Howard Jones has been in the construction industry for more than 30 years, has a proven track record and the skills to work on old and new buildings.
Howard Jones Builders has re-clad about five leaky homes in recent years, and Howard says the issue needs to be dealt with early to avoid having to remove rotten walls or even full demolition.
“You need to get on to it early,” he says. “A lot of people will try to patch it up, but you’ve really got to open it up so you can see what the problem is.
“We’ve done re-clads before where there has been one leak we’ve known about, then we’ve opened it up and found half a dozen leaks that are starting to rot the windows.”
Howard Jones Builders recently pulled a nonperforming cladding system off of a leaky New Plymouth two-storey home which was originally built in 1998, and although it had leaked for 20 years, it was early enough for rot not to have set in too badly.
“When we ripped the exterior cladding from part of the north wall, it was so wet we couldn’t cover it up for another nine weeks,” Howard says.
“This house was lucky because we got to it quickly enough. There was a bit of rot but it was minimal, otherwise we would have been pulling walls out.”
Howard Jones Builders re-clad the home with a Wattyl Granosite Nu-Therm cladding system which includes its own flashing system, and Rockcote over the top.
“I recommended that system because this house is two-storeys and the system is lightweight,” Howard says.
“It has good flashings around the windows and the windows are set back inside the exterior cladding line, making the home more waterproof by giving the windows and overhang which protects the structure.
“This system also helps a lot with heat and sound insulation, even with a 20ml cavity behind it.”
He says his customers are happy because their new cladding has the same look as their previous, non-performing system, but their home is now going to last and provide a healthy environment for their family to live in.
Howard advises people re-cladding or building new homes to avoid at all cost non-performing cladding materials.
He also advises that maintenance on houses is very important, and many people don’t spend enough on looking after their structures which creates problems down the line.
“Like painting: most times a home’s waterproofing is its paint, and if it is painted regularly and well maintained, it is going to last a lot longer without facing structural issues which could be avoided.”
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