Consistancy key to client confidence

Consistancy key to client confidence
Home Trends Builders produces bespoke residential ‘design and build’ homes.

Despite a long history building quality homes in Canterbury, until three years ago, multi-award winning Home Trends Builders had never entered their beautiful homes in a competition.
Managing director, Peter de Gouw says Home Trends Builders had purposely flown under the radar but always with the determination to continuously improve.
Persuaded to grow the Home Trends brand, the company first entered the Registered Master Builders House of the Year competition in 2016, winning silver, gold and gold reserve awards.
Following that up in 2017 with more gold awards and a category win, Home Trends took away three gold and two silvers from the five homes entered in 2018.
While Home Trends Builders has been a consistent winner, Peter says the Master Builder awards are a premium, prestigious and tough competition. “Home Trends believe that the true results are in gaining consistent outcomes year in and year out,” says Peter.
“It gives our customers confidence that their home will be as good as their friends’ home we built last year or the year before.”
Over the 32 years of running his own building company, Peter has seen too many building companies rise and fall for so many reasons.
He insists that if you have a great team and consistently provide a great product at a fair price, the consumer will recognise and support this. Peter says you hear so many horror stories about buildings and builders and how clients are so shattered by the experience.
Taking pride in ensuring that building a new home or undertaking a major alteration is a stress free and uncomplicated process, Peter explains that when your team has so much knowledge and experience on offer, there doesn’t need to be any unpleasant surprises or unexpected extras.
Reflecting on what Home Trends Builders does well, Peter says that his team delivers to the client a home that is immaculately detailed.
“It’s not just the workmanship. It’s not just the materials. And it’s not just the way the plan works on the site—it’s a combination of all of those things. You have to get all those ingredients right to be able to succeed. Teamwork is a huge part of the building equation—from the architect, the structural engineers, the builders and the subcontractors.
“It’s all about being a team—you can’t overstate that. Everyone has a part to play but they have to play that part very well, because it does take every body.”
Home Trends Builders operates two sides to its business with one side dedicated to earthquake repair work—both large and small—with alterations and repairs. The other side of the business is focused mainly on bespoke residential ‘design and build’ homes.
Consistancy key to client confidence
“We have a number of new homes in for consent in the Fendalton and Merivale areas this year, which will be available mid-2019.” Thinking about his passion for building, Peter says it’s the best job in the world.
“I love creating and the camaraderie on site, producing something that you can be proud of and something that someone will live in and love for many years. People trust you to do right by them.”
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