Going the extra mile for clients

Going the extra mile for clients
Harty Mechanical specialises in heavy duty diesel vehicles offering in-workshop servicing and repairs and operates two mobile units.

Providing good customer service never goes out of fashion and it has been a key to success for Te Awamutu-based Harty Mechanical since opening its doors for business in 2010.
From truck and trailers to diggers, loaders and bulldozers, campervans, motorhomes and horse floats right through to farm equipment, Harty Mechanical is perfectly set up to accommodate its customers needs.
Specialising in heavy duty diesel vehicles and machinery, Harty Mechanical offers in-workshop servicing and repairs and operates two fully equipped mobile units.
Founder, John Harty tells the story that at 9.00pm on New Years Eve, just about to sit down to dinner the phone went—a truck had broken down in Kawhia, about an hour’s drive away.
“I went for a drive, it was only a blown hose on the steering. I got home at 11.55pm and went back the next day to fix it. I’m not sure you would get that kind of service from the bigger operators.” John’s been in the trade all his working life.
He served his diesel mechanics apprenticeship in Hamilton in the early 1980s and even had a stint in the United Kingdom working as a mechanic while on his OE.
He reflects on his passion for the work and says he gets a lot of satisfaction from fixing stuff and helping people get their plant going again.
“I should spend more time off the tools,” he says, “But I don’t—I love it.” John was working for roading contractors McFall Enterprises when they sold out to Downer.
When Downer ceased to operate in the Waipa district John took the opportunity to take the business over.
The business has grown from three staff, a welder, a young apprentice and John, to a team of 10 that includes a welder, mechanics and a panel beater who also doubles as a water cart driver. There’s a good office team too—they look after John.
John says that it can be hard to find good staff and good qualified tradesmen, buts he’s got a good team now and customers are always welcome to come on to the floor and have a chat—that’s the business he operates.
When McFall Enterprises was selling up it operated a water delivery service.
John saw the opportunity for a little sideline business and took the service on. With a 14000 litre articulated ex-dairy truck, water is delivered to country people relying on rainwater, those on trickle feed needing a top up or people filling up the family pool.
“Its very weather dependent but in the busy season—like last year before Christmas—we were real dry and I was doing 11 loads a day. It’s all monitored by the Health Department. “We have to do a clean every three months and an Ecoli test a week later.”
With the ever-increasing advancement in technology and electronics in the big trucks, John is keeping up and has the scanning equipment to do the work.
“There’s not going to be any less trucks on the road. We hope to do COF’s in the future too—so the future is bright.”
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