The cutting edge of bandsaw technology

The cutting edge of bandsaw technology
A key component of the Guardian Bandsaw is advanced vision detection to enhance operator safety.

A key way Kiwi company Guardian Bandsaw has managed to help to reduce some of the most serious injury risk in key industries is to customise its product to suit each customer, says Guardian Bandsaw CEO David Walkinshaw.
The company’s bandsaws utilise new cutting edge technology to improve the overall bandsaw operation and cutting technique of their clients.
“It’s not a one size fits all approach; we customise each saw to suit our customers’ needs as they are all cutting products in differing sizes, shapes and weights,” he says.
A key consideration is operator comfort. This dictates how components of the bandsaw are adjusted including table size and the size of the bandsaw itself.
The product can be linked in with existing equipment such as conveyor belts. The cutting edge software can also be customised.
David says that the Guardian management software is an industry first and sets a new benchmark for safety performance reporting on bandsaws.
It enables staff to log into the tool from anywhere in the world to access a suite of reports and charts showing performance of the bandsaw and the interactions of staff during shifts.
While the software includes certain reports, such as the number of cuts per hour, total cuts per blade and the cuts per current runtime, David says it can also be modified to include reporting specific to the customer’s business.
Another key component of the Guardian Bandsaw is the advanced vision detection.
The multi-view four camera vision system can register a saw operator’s blue gloves in 3D and detects a safety zone set at 60mm in front, 30mm either side and 40mm behind the blade and up the full cutting height of the bandsaw blade.
If an operator gets too close to the blade the custom-built braking system detensions the blade and brings it to a complete stop in milliseconds.
This ensures the operator’s hand is protected from coming into contact with the moving blade and because the blade is detensioned it does not damage the blade.
The system can be quickly rest with the push of a button.To date the Guardian Bandsaw has primarily been used by the meat processing industry for which it was originally developed.
But David says the vision system means the technology can also be utilised in a variety of other ways.
Applications in other industries such as aluminium casting, plastics, carbon fibre, cardboard, seafood and poultry are also being explored.
David says that Kiwi company kanDO Innovation has a long history of developing vision detection systems for clients across a number of primary industries in Australasia, working through the innovation process from idea and design development to commercialisation.
He sees huge potential for the Guardian Bandsaw internationally with product already being used in the USA and UK and interest from the Korean and Mexican markets.
“We are focused on continuing our growth strategy and have huge problem solving capacity. Basically we just need to know – what problem do you want us to solve?”
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