Griffins Food Company – NZ’s most trusted bikkie brand

“We don’t take lightly that we’re custodians of some of New Zealand’s most loved and trusted biscuit brands”

Marketing & Innovation Director Tracey Seager

There is nothing quite like enjoying a cuppa with your favourite bikkie and for the fifth year in a row Readers Digest has confirmed Griffin’s bikkies as New Zealand’s most trusted biscuit brand.

Marketing & Innovation Director Tracey Seager says that what is really beautiful about the award process is that Readers Digest doesn’t present consumers with a list of brands to select from when making the nominations.

“To get that unprompted awareness and trust is awesome, given the myriad of brands that are out there,” says Tracey.

“We don’t take lightly that we’re custodians of some of New Zealand’s most loved and trusted biscuit brands including Cookie Bear, Toffee Pops, Chocolate Macaroons, Gingernuts, Super Wine — it’s all of these beautiful bikkies that we grew up with. For us it ‘s making sure we don’t just rely on the past, that we really take care of those brands and reinvent what they mean for today and for tomorrow, so that we can continue to earn that trust and the right to be in Kiwi pantries.”

At 95 years young, Gingernuts are New Zealand’s number one selling bikkie, which Tracey says is a truly wonderful achievement given the vast offering of biscuits available to consumers.

“When we won the 2019 Products Lifetime Achievement award for Gingernuts at the Massey Food awards, we thought actually it’s our job to make sure we remind Kiwis about how awesome this bikkie is.

“Since then we’ve launched Gingernut Christmas Shortbread, and last year we launched a range of Griffin’s Snaps, with Gingernuts one of the beautiful flavours in that. We have beautiful quality bikkies that Kiwis continue to love.

“What’s very top of mind for us as a business is to not rely on the past, but build on the future.” From the sourcing of ingredients, to the bakery at Papakura, to the passionate foodies that make up the Griffin’s team, quality and providing the best consumer experience at every touch-point all goes to building the trust of the Griffin’s brand.

“We manufacture locally, so we focus on how to be a good part of our community and keep building on our legacy.

“We’ve done a lot over the last few years around supporting causes that matter to our team and to our community, such as our partnership with Breast Cancer New Zealand, and last year we kicked off a campaign with Movember.

“Our team sees Griffin’s making a difference and they talk to their friends, who talk to their friends. That all builds trust.”

Tracey says that in the last few years Griffin’s has made some significant step-changes around responsible sourcing, building on the pride the staff have with the business, and consumer trust of the brand.

“All of our cocoa products are Rainforest Alliance Certified, which means a better deal for the farmers in the countries the cocoa is grown.

“A motto that we live by is how can we make every bite of the bikkie just a little bit better, whether it’s the Rainforest Alliance Certification partnership, the Breast Cancer partnership or Movember, it’s all those things that give our staff huge pride in what we’re doing.

“To get that tick from Readers Digest tells us we are moving in the right direction.

“Trust is hard fought and once you have got it you can’t sit back and say job done. You have look at ways to improve and keep delivering on the promise.”
Constantly launching new products, Griffin’s team of passionate foodies based at the Papakura bakery is constantly innovating and developing new products.

“Consumers are always submitting ideas to us and we take inspiration from those ideas. There are a lot of exciting bikkies coming out.”

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