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“We build two clicks above standard on energy efficiency, which means that all of our homes can be rated Homestar 6.”

Andrew Menzies

In the Central Otago market, Green Homes New Zealand is sought after by discerning buyers wanting to achieve excellent energy efficiency and a high level of comfort in their next new home.

Green Homes New Zealand is a respected name in the New Zealand market and is proud to be compliant with international energy efficiency home design and construction standards, (ISO 50001). As a member of the New Zealand Green Building Council and Future-Proof Building NZ – and with all key staff Homestar qualified – Green Homes New Zealand is an ideal partner when a greener build and a higher level of warmth, and comfort and energy efficiency are sought.

“Most people who come to us have already done their research and are looking to build an energy-efficient home that exceeds New Zealand building code standards,” says Andrew Menzies, who has a passion for quality building backed by 15 years of experience in New Zealand following his entry into the industry in Scotland. “We build two clicks above standard on energy efficiency, which means that all of our homes can be rated Homestar 6.”

Andrew operates Green Home New Zealand’s Central Otago franchise with fellow builder James Glover, who shares Andrew’s commitment to energy efficiency and building a greener future.

In Cromwell, Green Homes Central Otago showhome demonstrates what Homestar 6 looks and feels like in a gorgeous family home with ducted heating, wooden floors and a 10-year Master Builder Guarantee.

“We opened our showhome just over two years ago and the interest has been large. What people immediately notice when they walk in is a sense of quietness and the even temperature throughout the house.”

The small Central Otago team plans to build around 10 homes this year, including plans directly inspired by this show home. “Most of our clients are second, third or fourth homeowners who are wanting to go smaller; it’s an improved level of quality living in the house they are seeking out.”

Features that make a home like this a high performer on energy efficiency and comfort include fully insulated concrete floors with perimeter foundation, thermally broken windows, and over-code wall and ceiling insulation. Adding to that are energy efficient Miele appliances and LED lighting. Low VOC paints, adhesives and sealants used in the building combine to ensure a light carbon footprint.

Having worked previously on architectural and heritage homes in the Auckland market, Andrew is enjoying recreational opportunities to get out on his mountain bike and skis. He loves the surroundings but appreciates how tough the Central Otago environment can be on homes not built for the seasonal extremes. Building the right way with Green Homes Central Otago ensures a thermally balanced, dry, and comfortable home all year round.

Green Homes New Zealand designs for life as well as energy efficiency, working with clients and design partner Lifemark® to build what Andrew likes to call “forever homes”.

“If you futureproof with Lifemark® and you’re a young family, for example, and the husband or son has a skiing accident and must use a wheelchair for several months, then there’s no need to change the house to make it accessible as that is already built-in. Future-proofing also means the house could be sold to an elderly couple with health issues as it would meet their requirements too.”

Green Homes Central Otago has been working alongside Abbie Knight, director of Black Robin Architecture, for two years now.

“With Abbie’s background and passion for healthy homes, she has been a great asset for Green Homes Central Otago and our clients.”

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