IT specialist focused on keeping it real

IT specialist focused on keeping it real
John Rountree: “People put their trust in me to supply what I believe is the correct product for the job.”

Having come from a farming background, Grassroots IT owner John Rountree likes to keep things down-to-earth when it comes to advising his clients about computer technology.
“I keep my feet on the ground, I hate using technological terms with people; I try and keep it so people can understand what I’m talking about,” John says.
Grassroots IT is a Gore-based company focused on supplying a full range of computer-based information technology (IT) solutions, services and support in both agricultural and urban businesses.
A Microsoft Certified professional, John has been in the computer industry for over 25 years and has a wide base of knowledge in many areas of IT, from simple computer cleans through to large networked environments using multiple computers, software and systems.
After moving to Gore from Canterbury in 1990 he started the business in 2008 after seeing a need in the Southland region for IT support within the agricultural sector.
“Because I have been a farmer I understand what they are doing and wanting to achieve, whether its sheep, beef deer or dairy.” “People put their trust in me to supply what I believe is the correct product for the job.”
With the advent of smartphones, tablets and cloud-based file storage, Grassroots IT is able to advise how clients people can best utilise these technologies in conjunction with their desktops and laptops.
“Our clients’ needs and requirements are foremost in our minds so that we can supply timely and cost-effective solutions.”
Apart from a large rural base, Grassroots IT’s clients range from small sole traders to a large business which runs 20 computers.
Among the many services provided are Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office products training and support, Cash Manager Rural, Infusion and Cashbook Complete support, hardware, network, email and backup data training and support.
“We supply a lot of desktops and laptops and we do a huge amount of servicing and maintaining hardware.”
One question often asked is how much computer power is needed; with the right advice people can avoid buying a computer that will become quickly become obsolete, or to spend more than necessary.
Grassroots IT offer the option of leasing computers which can be a good alternative for businesses not wanting to outlay capital on computer hardware, or who want to defer an outright purchase until a time that suits best.
The most common frustrations faced by clients are slow internet speeds, computer pop-ups and malware.
For many businesses, a web presence is crucial and Grassroots IT provide a website design and hosting service. “Full e-commerce solutions can be provided with online payment systems.
“We are an accredited Storbie partner and are more than happy to help clients with a Storbie- based site, whether it’s starting from scratch or just a helping hand when stuck.”
Storbie is an online store and marketplace builder platform that allows businesses to easily create and manage their own ecommerce website.
“With our experience in this field, clients can be assured of achieving the results they need to maximise their online business.”
A key advantage of the Grassroots IT web hosting service is that a website can be kept up-to date, a key to being relevant and competitive in the online marketplace.
Website design can be provided in-house, plus the company has access to an independent designer and photographer.
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