Bridging the gap between builder and client

Bridging the gap between builder and client
Howick Gold Award Units by Goldline Construction.

New owner of Goldline Construction, Daniel Hemus, has big plans for the company and has already instigated a number of changes.The company now runs project management software to create operational efficiencies so customers’ projects run smoother.
It also allows customers to login to keep up to date with where their project is at as well as communicate with the team members more easily. “One thing I have found is that there is often a disconnect between the client and the builder, which can create misunderstandings and lead to less than desirable project outcomes. By enhancing communication on projects this is significantly reduced or eliminated.
We also like to be involved in a project early on or design it ourselves so we can ensure it is buildable and will fit the client’s budget,” he explains.Daniel, who has a diverse building industry background, owned and operated a franchise for a property maintenance and renovation company before purchasing Goldline Construction in January 2019.
Company founder Dennis Peat still works in the company as a project manager, and brings over 40 years’ expertise.Based in Auckland, Goldline Construction completes new home builds and high-end renovation projects.
Goldline Construction works with a couple of architectural designers to offer a design and build service and has come up with its own minor dwelling unit concept plan in response to the greater opportunities offered by the Auckland Unitary Plan for people to develop their property.
Daniel says it is an ability to listen to what the client wants then deliver the appropriate solution, no matter how challenging the project, that sets Goldline Construction apart. A recent project in Orakei, Auckland on a very steep site is a case in point. An existing home was shifted on the site to allow access to build a driveway and double garage, master bedroom and stairwell.
The existing home was then moved on top of the new extension to create a two-storey home. A complete internal renovation also took place.The company is also completing a large extension to a home in Te Kowhai Place in Remuera, which has involved digging out underneath the house and building a new basement.
It also has a large alteration to a home in Buck-lands Beach underway where a new roof has been built over the top of an existing roof that was having leaking problems then the roof underneath was demolished by the client.

Bridging the gap between builder and client
A significant alteration gave new life to this Northcote Villa.

The project also involved building two extensions to the home, converting the basement into a living area and significant internal renovations as well.“This project shows our ability to work in with the client as in this case the client was an architectural designer and also wanted to undertake certain aspects of the project himself,” explains Daniel.
With his experience with franchised building companies Daniel has a three year plan to franchise Goldline Construction
so his successful formula can be available to a wider audience to meet the demand for quality building throughout the Auckland region.
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