At the forefront of pool innovation

At the forefront of pool innovation
Frontier Pools focuses on building new high-end concrete pools.

Auckland based Frontier Pools has aimed to be at the forefront of innovation in the concrete pool industry for over 40 years. “We’ve been in the game for so long that we’re starting to renovate pools we built previously,” says owner Neil Runciman.
Neil started working in the company in 1996 and in 2006 became the sole owner. He offers his clients over 30 years experience in concrete pool construction.
Frontier Pools focuses on building new high end concrete pools and renovating existing concrete pools to give them a whole new lease of life.
So why concrete pools? “They are very versatile and we can build literally any size or shape our clients desire,” says Neil. “They have great structural integrity and are very strong and long lasting.
This also allows us to build pools in challenging locations such as in mid air or hanging over a bank,” he says. “With a good variety of tiling, plastering and colour options the design possibilities with a concrete pool are endless.”
Neil says Frontier Pools stands out from the competition as not only is he extremely involved in the company and its projects giving a personal experience to clients but Frontier Pools completes nearly all the work in-house. “We only subcontract very specialised work. We employ our own builders, tilers, plasterers, plumbers etc.
“This means a very high end result for our clients and that we can keep a good handle on project timing.”
It also allows Frontier Pools to complete the challenging projects that other companies do not dare to take on. Frontier Pools can take care of the whole project from start to finish including design, engineering and consents.
Neil says staying up to date with the latest trends in design, products and materials is extremely important, as his clientele desires the best of the best.
He says infinity pools are extremely popular as are pools with glass walls, multi-coloured LED lighting and automated systems taking care of chlorination, filtration and even cleaning.
“We can put in a system with jets built into the pool that pop up at set times and push debris to the bottom of the pool into the filtration system. This means there is no need to vacuum the pool.
“For example we have installed one in a pool near a pohutukawa tree for a client,” says Neil.
Renovation projects see Frontier Pools refresh an existing pool including plaster, tiling, lighting, plumbing etc.
“In fact sometimes the pool looks so different it is like having a brand new updated pool,” says Neil.
Frontier Pools works in the wider Auckland region and Neil says due to the company’s longevity and expertise it has become the go-to company for people seeking a unique bespoke pool.
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