Successful tree firm branching out

Successful tree firm branching out
Four Seasons Tree Care has made a name for itself particularly on Banks Peninsula, where it completes alotof the tree work for the council and also in the residential sector.

A passion and dedication to Christchurch’s trees, coupled with an appetite for opportunity, has seen family business Four Seasons Tree Care – The Tree People reach 10 years in business this year.
Owners Ra Hammer and Megan Hancox never sat down with a five-year or a 10-year plan, they’ve been too busy living and breathing their business.
But when an opportunity arises, they are very good at taking it up.
One such opportunity was actually what started Four Seasons Tree Care 10 years ago. Ra had been working as a sole trader and he and Megan were about to start having their own family.
A childhood friend of Ra’s who had also gone into arboriculture, Ruben Hull, had moved to Christ-church and was looking for work.
“We decided to take on our first employee, which was a pretty scary first step from being a sole trader,” Megan says.
“We thought here was our chance to turn this business into something that could support our new family. We took a leap of faith and we’re happy to say Ruben is still with us today.”
The next couple of years saw the company grow steadily to four staff.
Four Seasons Tree Care made a name and reputation for itself, particularly on Banks Peninsula, where it completes most of the tree work today, some for Council but mostly residential.

Successful tree firm branching out

In 2003, Four Seasons Tree Care won a private contract to transplant a couple of thousand trees from one property to another.
The job required more people than the company had on staff, so Ra and Megan got some extra help on contract.
“We worked on that big job with that crew for a couple of months and we loved having them around. We loved the environment we had created and we decided to keep it going. We went from four staff up to 10.”

That job also required a mechanical tree spade so Four Seasons Tree Care added one to its plant, and from the experience gained by the crew from that first job, has since gone on to do a lot more tree transplanting.
“We’ve built a crew that people understand to be the experts for all tree transplanting nationwide. We’ve done it successfully so many times now it’s a speciality, and our clients recommend us.”
Megan says the Four Seasons Tree Care team are all in it for their passion and dedication.
“We offer a genuine service – everyone here loves trees,” she says. “We have trained many apprentice arborists, and we love to see them grow through their employment.”
Now up to a team of 15, supported by commercial manager Jared Donald, whether the company will continue to grow is up to those opportunities presenting themselves.
“As long as we continue to provide the level of service we always have and keep our reputation. That’s the important thing.”
2019 also marks the year Four Seasons Tree Care changes its name to The Tree People. “New name, same great service,” Ra says.
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