New supermarket for central city

New supermarket for central city

Enhancing the shopper experience through convenience, meeting the needs of ‘today’s customers’ and removing the stress of shopping are at the heart of Foodstuffs South Island’s new Durham Street New World store in Christchurch.
Replacing the company’s existing store at the South City Mall in Christchurch in May 2019, the new store is currently being built on a one-hectare site, conveniently located on the corner of Moorhouse Avenue and Durham Street.
Foodstuffs South Island General Manager Property and Retail Development, Roger Davidson, says the total customer experience was the key factor in the design requirements incorporating location, accessibility and size of the operation.
With Moorhouse Avenue being one of the city’s major arterial routes, the Durham Street site provides greater visibility and shopper convenience in terms of accessibility.
The site also provides the opportunity to increase the New World store size and expand the range of offerings provided to meet the changing needs of today’s grocery shoppers who are often short of time and after quick and convenient options including inspirational meal solutions.
Ample space for parking, vehicle manoeuverability and driving lanes, along with enhanced pedestrian laneways will add to the overall customer experience before the supermarket doors are entered.
With a building footprint of 3700sqm, the new and improved store will provide 2000sqm of shopping space, 50% larger than the existing store in South City. “The one thing that we’re trying to take out of people’s lives is stress.
It’s about getting into the supermarket easily, fi nding a car park, convenience, enabling shoppers to meander around the aisles, do the shopping at their pace and leisure – enjoying the experience.
“We are always striving to understand our customers and their needs,” says Roger.
Customers will see all the regular features of a New World store that they love—warmth, continuity and familiarity of products and placement—while interwoven with new displays, new offerings—all in a pleasant, relaxed environment; ease without compromise.

New supermarket for central city
The Durham Street site provides greater visibility and shopper convenience in terms of accessibility.

With New World’s key marketing platform ‘Love Food’, Roger says that ethos filters throughout the team on the floor when they are talking to customers.
“Today’s customers visit supermarkets more regularly, often seeking out new opportunities in terms of food offerings, particularly with the prevalence of celebrity chef and cooking shows. The knowledge and expertise of the staff at New World help customers seeking to be creative and ingenious with food.”
The addition of a complete café experience where a latte and freshly baked cake can be quietly enjoyed is another innovative feature cleverly incorporated into the future supermarket’s design.
“One of the key benefits we believe our stores have is they’re owner-operated and the owner-operators have a strong commitment to the community. With well over a 20-year relationship with New World, Justin and Claire Vaudrey are the current owners of the South City store and they will continue as owners of the new store.”
Established commercial construction company Naylor Love has been engaged as lead contractor and will have the building closed in by the third quarter of 2018, with construction complete and ready for the internal fit out by February 2019.
“The new building was designed by Dunedin based McCoy & Wixon Architects and one of the critical design factors was making sure the structural integrity of the building was of an extremely high standard given the area is earthquake prone,” explains Roger. “The groundwork included screw piles that went down 30 metres.”
Roger says Foodstuffs is wholly committed to reducing any impact on the environment and the store will be efficient and environmentally friendly, cutting energy and reducing waste.
New supermarket for central city
The new Durham Street New World supermarket is being built on a one-hectare site on the corner of Moorhouse Avenue and Durham Street in central Christchurch.

All elements of sustainability have been incorporated where practicable. For example, LED lighting has been used throughout, and the refrigeration system operates on natural refrigerants that are harmless to the environment and are energy efficient.
New Zealand owned and operated, Foodstuffs South Island own a number of banner groups covering the whole spectrum of the New Zealand grocery and liquor retail sector, including PAK’nSAVE, New World, Four Square, Raeward Fresh, Henry’s Beer Wine and Spirits and On the Spot.
Foodstuffs’ increased level of re-investment activity post earthquake has underlined the company’s commitment to the people of Christchurch and the importance that supermarkets play as critical lifeline providers in the face of natural disasters.
“Recently we’ve also completed projects at Wigram, Lincoln, Halswell and we’re undertaking another in Fendalton.
“We’ve also just completed a PAK’nSAVE at Moorhouse Avenue. “These are not earthquake related but they continue to improve our retail offer to today’s customers.”
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