Rebranding has rural – residential focus

Rebranding has rural – residential focus
PHOTOS: Fencing Contractors of New Zealand re-brand takes in security and residential as well as rural fencing.

stablished by fencers for fencers in 2003 to raise the standards of the fencing industry and broad awareness of those standards, Fencing Contractors of New Zealand (FCNZ) has refreshed itself with the launch of a bold rebrand including new logo.
Gone is the logo of old, closely associated with rural wire fencing, and in its place a new logo depicting three sets of parallel diagonal lines painting a more holistic image that fencing is not just about number 8 wire.
“The old brand was tired, worn out and needed a re-fresh,” says Brad Joines, FCNZ’s President.
“We’ve moved away from being wirecentric focused on rural fencing to being more holistic – taking in security and residential as well as the rural side.”
In line with the logo’s contemporary, clean and powerful symbolism, a ‘keep it simple’ approach has seen ‘Association’ dropped from the organisation’s branded name.
The rebranding follows on the heels of FCNZ significant growth in membership, leaping from 200 members to near on 500 members over the last five years.
“Growth has resulted from good marketing, growing awareness of the association, doing all the little things right and gaining the support of our retail partners, including founding strategic partner Wiremark New Zealand.”
Doing those little things right includes providing members with access to recognised training and certification, health and safety, employment con-tracts, industry policy and procedures, a complaints assessment process, access to an on-line shop and even cheaper fuel.
Transforming from a wirecentric to a more holistic organization will no doubt maintain the rate of growth over the next few years, providing FCNZ with valuable financial resource.
“We run fencing trade days for general fencing contractors and anyone who wishes to attend, demonstrating how to use the gear, the latest products and techniques. While there is a cost on the day to attend, things like that always run at a loss. Greater membership means we can put more of those trade days on.”
Rebranding has rural – residential focus
Promoting best practice and best standards in fencing is at the forefront of FCNZ’s focus and in the last five years has concentrated on re-establishing a solid training programme for its members.
In conjunction with NorthTec and Primary ITO FCNZ can now offer Level 3 Certificate in Fencing, raising the standard customers can expect.
“To be a Certified Fencing Contractor you must have that minimum qualification and you can only get that by joining Fencing Contractors New Zealand. We have a member base and like any industry you pay your fee and become a member of the association. But what we’re moving towards and really starting to push right now is the ‘Certified Fencer’. Greater membership may mean that we will be able to increase that certified standard.”
By employing a Certified Fencer customers are essentially employing the best of the best, benefiting from confidence that the job will be completed to a high standard.
“Now that we have a significant membership base we would like to see them all become Certified Members — and that’s when the real benefit kicks in for the end user. This is all possible with the continued and strong support from Strategic Founding Partner WIREMARK, Gold Partners Steel and Tube, Gallagher, Warratah, Cyclone, and PermaPine, and Retail Partner Farmlands. All of our partners contribute to our growth, and we thank them for continued support.”
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