An environment built for learning

An environment built for learning
Set on more than 3.5ha of land in a rural lifestyle setting, one of Establish’s latest projects, Fantails Estate provides one of the largest landscaped outdoor spaces at a New Zealand early learning centre.

Expert in early learning centre development Establish helps to create the best early learning centres in New Zealand by removing the complexities of the development process with centralised expertise.
Establish was founded in 2016 by Paul Rodgers and Logan Whitelaw, former planning consultants in the private and local government sectors.
The pair’s town planning consultancy started doing more and more early learning site development as word spread in the industry about their complete solution and successful results.
“We were learning from each project and found people wanted the full package, community needs assessments, financial feasibility, site feasibility, centre design, resource and building consents, and quality assurance throughout the construction,” says Paul.
“Today Establish is the most active development consultancy in the local early learning market, with new centres and alternations to existing centres being approved around the country on a weekly basis.
“We are still learning, our clients are learning as well, and each project we complete gets better and better.”Set on more than 3.5 hecatres of land in a rural lifestyle setting, one of Establish’s latest projects, Fantails Estate provides one of the largest landscaped outdoor spaces at a New Zealand early learning centre.
The perfect place for children to master their emerging physical skills, in turn helping to develop their auditory, visual, and tactile skills.
The development is able to accommodate up to 154 children and has been uniquely designed by the award-winning Collingridge and Smith Architects to feature five individual buildings specific for different age groups, with each building containing the appropriate facilities to care for children of the intended age.
A sixth building contains offices and a reception area. The buildings are arranged in a semi-circle with ground level decking between them, allowing for easy access from one building to another.
The buildings’ exteriors are in cedar and plywood cladding, metalcraft panels, aluminium joinery, and glass panelling. A concrete wall wraps around the front of the centre, adjoining the carparking area with 55 spaces, and connecting to each of the six buildings.

An environment built for learning
Fantails Estate includes five buildings built specifically for different age groups and a sixth building contains an office and reception area.

Fantails Estate’s surrounding rural setting meant Establish had a lot of work to do around mitigating the effects of the centre’s operation and construction process.
This meant that Council decided the application would proceed without public notification due to the fact adverse effects on the environment would be no more than minor, and stated within its decision that the appropriate mitigation measures, including consent conditions, had been incorporated into the proposal.
“This was a significant win for us, given the size of the development,” Paul says. Fantails Estate is due to open early in March.  Paul, who works on projects all around New Zealand but lives nearby to the Fantails Estate site, has been able to see the build progress, by LEP Construction, on a regular basis.
“It’s quite rare for me to see everything that goes on, but I’ve been driving past for two years. I’ve seen everything and it’s looking bloody good.”
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