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Giggles and Scribbles Early Learning

Giggles and Scribbles Early Learning

Giggles and Scribbles Early Learning Centre is located in Lincoln and is licenced for 75 children and caters for children aged from 12 weeks to 6 years.

Local families from around Lincoln and from away as far as Little River and Rolleston attend Giggles and Scribbles, which is open from 7.30am5.30pm Monday to Friday.

What is special about your centre and what is your philosophy?

We are an upmarket, privately owned and operated centre, providing top quality facilities in a purpose built building. Here at Giggles and Scribbles we believe our job is not just to prepare children intellectually for school but also, and perhaps more importantly, to develop them emotionally and socially.

We aim to work alongside families to help develop and instil solid moral values that will prepare children be kind, thoughtful and decent human beings.

Our philosophy focuses on providing children with the skills and tools to play with and alongside other children; to be able to make friends and retain them, valuing the enrichment of friendships. We believe in the value of teaching children to be kind, empathic and to have the ability to selfregulate their emotions.

What do you most love most about your job?

It would have to be the children and families that I am fortunate enough to spend my day with. I love being a part of a child’s journey through early childhood; watching them grow into confident individuals and helping to nurture their life long love of learning. What inspired you to open a centre? I opened my first centre up in Tai Tapu in 2008.

At the time my eldest son, Max, was 3 and I was struggling to get him into a local childcare centre as they all had large waiting lists. I have always been passionate about Early Childhood Education and decided to open my own centre to meet the demands of the community. I opened my 2nd centre, Whippersnappers, in 2011.

Whippersnappers thrived and we constantly had a waiting list, especially in the Preschool. With this demand and the growth in Selwyn, I felt that there was a need for another centre here in Lincoln so I opened Giggles and Scribbles in June 2015.

What has been your biggest challenge?
My biggest challenge has been maintaining a healthy work/life balance – overseeing two busy centres while still being a full time Mum to my three young children.
What are the highlights of opening your centre and what are you most proud of?

Unlike some of the smaller centres that you can get closer to town, here at Giggles and Scribbles we are lucky that we have the space to provide our children with oversized facilities, in particular the outdoor spaces where they can run around, climb, dig and just be children.

Any suggestions or tips for others thinking of opening a centre?
You need to have a true passion for Early Childhood Education, the right location and good staff.