Diamond Property Group – Investing in new residential property

Craig Johnson and Maria Temnyuk of Diamond Property Group

“Financial Literacy is a really important skill for those new to the investment market to attain,”

Maria Temnyuk, Director

Property investment is a pursuit Maria Temnyuk and Craig Johnson have always been passionate about, so when they established Auckland-based Diamond Property Group (DPG) in 2016 they saw this as an opportunity to pass on their understandings of the benefits that can flow by investing in new residential property, carefully and deliberately selected.

DPG is concerned with providing for the most part ‘Mum and Dad’ investors with the very best opportunities to secure a positive financial future for themselves and their families, as Maria explains.

“We live in really challenging circumstances for those wishing to gather sufficient wealth to retire well on. I know that by wise investment in brand new homes, fit for the very best tenants to rent, that my clients futures are secured.”

Diamond Property Group sees solid residential property investment as a win-win for everyone.

“What is so smart about it is that the investor is basically using other people’s money to purchase an asset that will provide long-term income streams to owners.

“This is where the services we offer really come into play.”

Banks are willing to lend customers on good quality properties in the right areas, if the clients have sufficient equity in their own home, so they don’t have to come up with a cash deposit like they did for their first home.

Unlike the existing home whereas the equity requirement is 40%, the new builds are exempt from that and only require 20% which makes it even easier.

Once the home is rented, it provides the owner with the ability to pay back the loan as well as maintain the property to fulfil their landlord obligations.

While the rules have tightened in terms of deposit amount required, Maria says that in the volatile Auckland residential sector there are still plenty of opportunities for new investors, or those who already own their own home and want to expand their asset portfolio, to create more wealth.

Diamond Property Group provides investors with a full investment service offering.

Maria says the key to success is in having the ability to pick a good property and this is where her years of experience and understanding of how the market and lending institutions operate, provide real benefits to her clients.

The conservative nature of the banking system is something she describes as a strength.

“The reason we came through the GFC relatively well, compared with many other parts of the world, is that our banking system is conservative and robust.”

When clients first seek her advice about investing in rental property Maria’s advice is always to look at the long-term picture, and to make small, but significant changes in spending to enable, long-term solid wealth to accrue.

“Financial Literacy is a really important skill for those new to the investment market to attain,” says Maria.

“Paying off a mortgage earlier by adding an additional $50 per week to your payments can bring about significant savings in interest payments.

“The banks want you to have long mortgages and certainly the Government isn’t going to phone you up and give you good advice, so you have to find it.”

Maria knows the difference it makes for her investor clients to have all the worries taken away and to entrust their investments with her.

“We understand the housing market. We are fussy about the properties we recommend for investment in and we take care of everything from finance facilitation to property management.”

Being named a finalist in this years Auckland Westpac Business Awards, for Excellence in Customers Service Delivery, has been the icing on the cake for Diamond Property Group.

“We always knew our strengths and the value we could bring to our clients.

“We wanted to enter these awards because we really believed in what our business does for people, so to be in the customer service delivery category, is wonderful.”

Like other finalists, Maria and Craig will have to wait until early March to learn whether Diamond Property Group took out top honours.

“We care very much about the standard of our work and the quality of service we provide to our clients.

“Even now, through the ups and downs of COVID, we are talking to our existing clients about how their finances are going.

“ It’s about ongoing engagement and long-term relationships.”

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