Placemakers Oamaru project on track

Placemakers Oamaru project on track
Placemakers Oamaru’s redevelopment will combine the drive-through and retail store operations into one building.

Bigger, modern and functional – Placemakers Oamaru’s long awaited redevelopment will combine the currently separate drive-through and retail store operations into one building.
A virtual absence of rain since the construction project started has meant that work is tracking in line with the construction team’s expectations and the programme time-line, says project manager Michael Forgie.
Initial site establishment work commenced on November 10 last year and foundation preparations have now been completed with the first two of seven concrete floor sections poured.
The new development is taking place on Placemakers existing site in Humber Street, with the old drive-through and retail operations remaining operational during the first stage of the project – construction of the new premises.
“It was a difficult site because reports from a specialist showed that there was some arsenic contamination in the soil from when there was a timber treatment plant on site many years ago,” explains Michael.
“As a consequence we were unable to excavate the founds and cart material away. “We had to pile the foundation with 345 timber driven piles, which is quite unconventional and a bit of a process.”
He says it’s also a very restrictive site with buildings on one side, road on another and fenced off as close as possible to allow Placemakers as much space as possible to continue operations.
“It means pre-cast panels are being stored off-site with steel coming in as it’s needed. It just restricts our delivery ability that’s all.”
However, he says building the new drive-through and retail store, while retaining the existing premises is an ideal model because it enables Placemakers to continue trading without any significant disruption. Stage One is scheduled for completion on the July 10.
Placemakers will then have eight weeks to complete the building fit-out and move everything across from their two existing buildings.
Stage Two, which involves the demolition of the old buildings, formation of off-street car parks and all site works including all access ways, will commence in September with all works completed by the end of November.
A feature of the new retail store will be bathroom, kitchen and heating show rooms, bringing the store in line with modern Placemakers stores seen in the major centres.
Placemakers Oamaru project on track
A mezzanine floor will house offices, meeting rooms, staff rooms and toilet facilities. Leading the construction project is respected commercial contractors, de Geest Construction Ltd.
Michael says he has worked with the family operated business for many years now and has established strong working relationships with their foremen and subcontractors.
“De Geest Construction are a long established Oamaru construction company and have been the biggest player in the local market for a long time,” he says.
“They have done almost every major commercial construction project here in the last 20 years.” Given the staged approach to the project, Michael says that completing everything on time and integrating the construction work with Placemakers fit-out of the new retail store will be a critical success factor for the project.
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