A complete residential build service

A complete residential build service
A commitment to quality sees a steady flow of work for Davy Construction.

Troy and Bryar Davy formed Tauranga-based Davy Construction in July 2013. Prior to this Troy had worked for another builder and when demand for work slowed down he took the opportunity to step out on his own.
With Bryar’s skills and knowledge as a chartered accountant, the couple have evolved the company these past six years into a thriving business which now employs eight carpenters on the tools, four of whom are qualified.Davy Construction offers a complete building service, and Troy enjoys the variety of work that comes across his desk.
“I take care of project management, pricing, liaising with various architects while Bryar looks after the business admin and financial aspects,” Troy says.
While most of the residential work is confined to the Tauranga and surrounding areas, when Business Central spoke with Troy, half his team were working on a substantial new home, overlooking pohutukawa trees and the sea near Opotiki.
The build, which began in June, was progressing well with the roof completed mid-September and is expected to be finished early next year.
“This is the largest private dwelling we have built at 500sqm. It is not a really complex build but there was a lot of site prep necessary as it sits on top of a hill.”
The home spreads lengthways across a large area of the specially levelled site and when completed promises to be a standout residence in the district.
The house comprises of four bedrooms, two offices, two lounges, large dining, four bathrooms and one of the wings has its own kitchenette.
The home will be clad in painted, dark linear weather-board, schist and cedar. The entrance way will feature big schist pillars with cedar soffits and lighting detail to highlight this.
Walking through the main entry you enter into a big 65qsm kitchen/dining with unobstructed views of White Island smoking away and the ocean as far as the eye can see.
Most impressive is the sheer size of the central living area which measures 8.5m x 8m and with a cavernous 5.5m stud and will offer uninterrupted views of the stunning vista beyond.At any one time Troy can be pricing upward of four jobs from new builds through to renovations and extensions.
He says renos in particular can present with pricing challenges, given the uncertainty of what will be discovered in the existing structure when work gets underway.
“It’s really important that clients undertaking renovations understand there is some level of unknown when work begins. “It comes down to ongoing clear communication throughout the build process.”
Another appealing project much smaller at just 50sqm is a new pool house in Te Puna, constructed of cedar timber. Troy describes 2019 as a productive year with a solid amount of work on his books with work confirmed through to June or July next year.
He takes very seriously his responsibilities toward the team of builders he employs, in terms of ensuring there’s ongoing work.When asked what makes the company tick Troy says it comes down to his team.
“We have a great work and social life as well. “I have always thought it is very important to enjoy your workmates’ company off the tools as well so we programme in activities together to enjoy.”
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