Growth opportunities impress Aidan

Growth opportunities impress Aidan
Former Irishman Aidan O’Leary is operations manager at Dairy Holdings’ Cedric farm, milking 1350 cows on 335ha. He says he is proud to align himself with a company that focuses on best practice.

Aidan O’Leary says he chose to work with Dairy Holdings due to the opportunities to grow his own business under the umbrella of one company.
“I had a strong desire to have my own business. Dairy Holdings was attractive due to its farm system and the ability I have to grow in the business,” he says.
Originally from Ireland, Aidan arrived in New Zealand in 2008 for a three-month work placement for university.
After finishing his study in Ireland he returned to New Zealand working as second in charge for two seasons then in roles as farm manager and operations manager.
He took on his present role on Dairy Holdings’ Cedric farm in Ashburton in 2017 and is just completing his first season. Cedric is a 335ha farm, milking 1350 cows.
This season it is on track to produce 1500kgMS/ha. Aidan says a slow start to the season in terms of grass growth has been challenging as this had a roll on affect to mating and cow cycling.
Aidan’s Dairy Holdings supervisor is Mick O’Connor and Aidan says the pair is in touch regularly so he always has a point of contact for any questions he might have.
There are also monthly meetings to go over farm plans and financials. Aidan has noticed that Dairy Holdings has a firm commitment to getting the basics right and a willingness to invest to achieve farm goals.
This season the effluent system is being upgraded including a larger pond. Next season a centre pivot will replace some of the roto rainers improving water efficiencies with spin off benefits for pasture growth and utilization.
“It’s exciting seeing the willingness to invest and push the farm on,” says Aidan.
Coming from a non-farming background, Aidan says he was attracted to the opportunities available in New Zealand and the scale of the industry and ability to get ahead. Farm ownership is his ultimate goal and he says this is very achievable under the Dairy Holdings system.
His next goal is stock ownership followed by a sharemilking position. “By working for one company you can get familiar with the farm, herd and people you work with.

Growth opportunities impress Aidan
Aidan O’Leary moving the cows on winter feed at Dairy Holdings’ Cedric Farm.

There is a lot of financial and technical knowledge available through the business support team. It’s a well-structured clear pathway and the Dairy Holdings model has been very successful.
They are experts at what they do and that gives me the confidence to enter into a business relationship with them. It’s nice to work for a company that focuses on best practice and it’s something I’m proud to align myself with. There have been some good examples of people who have achieved their goals through Dairy Holdings.”
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