Unique projects keep Corey’s team busy

Unique projects keep Corey’s team busy
The interior is filled with recycled Oregon beams, exposed timber collar ties,macrocarpa sarking, French Oak architraves and skirting boards and Jarrah flooring throughout.

CWB Construction’s owner, Corey Woodward, has been building for more than 21 years. After he equipped himself with all the knowledge and skills required run a business, he decided to establish his own company in 2007 based on the Hibiscus Coast, north of Auckland.
Today CWB Construction has grown to a team of six tradesmen including one apprentice.
“We prefer to manage only one or two projects at any one time, we don’t like to spread ourselves too thin between projects. The clients also prefer knowing that their project is the most important at hand and that it has our full attention.” Corey is still very hands on.
“I like to be on site making the decisions, organising the sub trades, ensuring the project is running efficiently and keeping an eye on quality control. “That way I am responsible for each and every project my company has its name to,” he says.
CWB Construction focuses on building north of Auckland and in the past year or so has been involved in creating many beautiful homes in the area. Earlier this year CWB Construction completed an enormous 773sqm unique home in Coatesville.
The home was hand drawn and designed by owner Frank Austin with final details and drawings completed by Trevor Pyle, of Masterplan Architectural.
“We started this project late 2016 from the ground up. Constructed of concrete timber and steel and lots of it.
“Approximately forty thousand bricks were imported from Belgium to clad the exterior and 10 metre high chimneys. Recycled bricks purchased were used throughout the interior which makes you believe the home has been here for over 100years.”
The home also features clay roof tiles imported from Germany while the timber joinery and copper roofs complete the exterior.
The solid concrete sills beneath all the windows were formed in situ and the concrete mixed by hand. Even the timber suppliers were hesitant at first to pre-cut all the rafters required off the plans for such a big job.
No trusses were used in this project and every rafter was fitted neatly to form all the hips and valleys.
The interior is filled with recycled Oregon beams, exposed timber collar ties, macrocarpa sarking, French Oak architraves and skirting boards and Jarrah flooring throughout. “This home is truly one of a kind.”
CWB Construction’s current project is a 320qsm modern home in Stanmore Bay. Constructed of 80 cubic metres of concrete, exposed Stack bond block work walls and prefabricated concrete mid floor panels.
Large Glulam beams span to full width of the home and 14-metre cross-laminated timber roof panels were made and transported all the way from Nelson.
The home was designed by its owner Chris Ross. Corey says Chris’s passion for mid-2Oth century modern homes shows through in the design.
“He wanted the design to show-off the structure of the home and not hide it behind interior linings. Even the structural steel beams and pipework in the garage are all exposed. It’s a unique home that’s simplistic, subtle and true.”
The biggest hurdle of the build so far was programming the manufacture and delivery of the 14 metre roof panels.
With little ability to store the large roof panels on site and expensive storage fees off site Corey had to coordinate their manufacture and required date for install so that as soon as they were made in Nelson they could be loaded up and sent to site and installed immediately. Cara, Corey’s wife plays a huge role in the company.
She has a background in finance and takes care of all the behind the scenes office work and organising along with raising their two young girls while Corey’s is on site.
“It’s great to have Cara involved and she really does get to share in the excitement of starting or completing a project.”
The foundation of CWB Construction’s success is having a real passion to be able to deliver a high level of service and quality, throughout the project to deliver something truly unique.
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