Accreditation a must for contractors

Accreditation a must for contractors
Otago’s Custom Fencing is an accredited member of FCANZ and meets strict guidelines in terms of health and safety, first aid, insurance and fencing qualifications.

As a Fencing Contractors Association New Zealand (FCANZ) accredited contractor, Otago’s Custom Fencing meets the association’s strict guidelines with a high standard of workmanship as well as a business run right in terms of health and safety, employment, insurance, first aid, and fencing qualifications.
From Waikouaiti, just north of Dunedin, Custom Fencing specialises in all aspects of fencing including new fencing, fencing maintenance, and fencing repairs for residential, commercial, rural, and subdivision fencing.
Custom Fencing managing director Nick Terry  joined FCANZ as soon as was possible after he established his business in November 2011. “I always thought it was something much like Registered Master Builders is for a builder,” he says.
“If you’ve got an organisation like that backing you, it gives the customers the peace of mind that in the worst case scenario there is someone they can call. Which, fingers crossed, never happens to me.”
In order to become an FCANZ accredited contractor, Custom Fencing had to be in business for a minimum of three years, undertake a review of its business practices, provide practical evidence of its capabilities, and references from its clients.
FCANZ accreditation lasts for five years, then the process begins again.
While his clients have the assurance they are in good hands with an accredited fencing contractor completing their project, and access to some helpful information on the FCANZ website including a list of FCANZ accredited contractors and what clients should be looking for in their contractor, FCANZ offers its members a raft of benefits as well.
“FCANZ provides regular email updates as well as the WIRED magazine which comes out every three months,” Nick says.
“That’s a great way not only for contractors to talk about what’s going on in their businesses, but also for suppliers and manufacturers to present what they are doing to a very wide audience. If there is something new to the market, or something going on in the industry, it is always featured in WIRED magazine.”
FCANZ events such as fencing demonstration days and conferences have provided Nick with the opportunity to meet with a lot of his fellow fencing contractors from all around New Zealand.
Accreditation a must for contractors
He says the association is always keen to hear from its members and makes a real effort to respond to their feedback.
One of its latest initiatives is the launch of a new training programme, which Nick says speaks specifically to New Zealand fencing contractors’ biggest battle, trying to find staff who know what they’re doing.
“If I hire someone and want them to put up a fence to an extremely high standard, the only way I can do that is to get someone who has experience,” he says.
“That’s getting harder to do, so instead I need to find someone young and keen who wants to learn and train them up. Everyone trains people in their own way, so now we’ll have people coming out of this fencing course, trained by FCANZ, and knowing how to do it properly and by the book.”
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