Transportable homes a perfect fit at Blue Bay

Transportable homes a perfect fit at Blue Bay
The Cottages NZ homes at Blue Bay have been specifically designed to cope with the weather extremes experienced on the Mahia Peninsula.

A major coup for prefabricated building company Cottages NZ was securing two beachfront contracts at Mahia Peninsula, which were successfully delivered to Blue Bay in time for their new owners to enjoy at Easter weekend.
Cottages NZ sales manager Kim Nilsson says development on the remote Mahia Peninsula has been boosted since Rocket Lab’s Launch Complex 1 opened there in 2016.
“To get a certified builder on Mahia Peninsula can take up to two years,” he says.
“Rocket Lab has been great for the region and pushed a lot of infrastructure development for new homes but also driven demand for building services.”
So, the 44 buyers at the Blue Bay subdivision have looked at other options to get new homes up on their sites.
Specialising in the prefabrication of a full range of architecturally designed, timber framed, trans-portable buildings from its modern, multi-purpose construction facility at Hastings, Cottages NZ was approached by some of the Blue Bay section holders to assess the options for their sites.
Kim says the sea and views are south facing at Blue Bay.
“My experience of beach sites is you always get an afternoon breeze, and if it’s coming from the south, it’s a cool breeze,” he says.
“You need a plan A and a plan B. What we’ve done with these homes is you can walk right through from sliders at the front and views of the water and the cliff faces, to sliders at the back for shelter from the afternoon breeze.”
Facing the south and facing the sea, Blue Bay homes are exposed to the extremes.
Add to this the area’s 1.5m of rainfall, and strength and water-proofing become key aspects of any new home build in the area.
Cottages NZ used a rigid air barrier (RAB) system on these homes to provide structural bracing and to prevent air pressure and water from infiltrating the building from the outside.
This system also allows Cottages NZ to change exterior skins in the same building, providing flexibility as well as a structural component.
“When you place homes on a transporter and send them somewhere, they’re need to be strong, especially with big doors like we put into these Blue Bay homes. A RAB gives us a level of protection and strength better than standard construction.”
Cottages NZ’s flexibility was a key benefit for one of its Blue Bay clients, a family all more than 6ft tall.
“They had been looking at normal sized homes and realised they needed a bit more building height. We took that on board.
“A normal house stud is 2.4m, we took it up to 2.7m with door heights at 2.2m.
“We even sourced a spec ial 2.2m high glass doored shower.”
Kim says that the home also used the flexibility of the RAB system to apply thermally modified natural wood Abodo cladding, using small pieces of the more expensive materials in a smart way to make a cost-effective, prefabricated home look special.
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