Renovation experts on top of their game

Renovation experts on top of their game
The Cheshire Street renovation and extension left no room untouched.

Residential renovation and extension project management company Cossie Builders has recently completed an extensive renovation project which demonstrates the business’ specific points of difference.
Cossie Builders returned to Cheshire Street in Wilton in May last year to start work on its sixth project on the same street.
The owner of a two-storey 1950s state house that had never seen any modifications had asked friends, family, and neighbours for recommendations of a renovation specialist.
“They all recommended us,” says Cossie Builders co-owner Mandy Cosgrove. “She had to go further afield to find someone for us to quote against.”
Like most of Cossie Builders’ projects, this renovation and extension left no room untouched.
An extension was created between the house and a new internal access garage.
The whole house was reroofed, a new kitchen and bathroom installed, and a self-contained unit downstairs with its own access had a new bathroom installed.
Cossie Builders finished the four-month project ahead of time.
“We work exclusively on one project so even when the weather is against us, we just get to work on another part of the project,” Mandy says.
“We never disappear from the building site, and we don’t have any delays.”
“We come up with a work schedule for every single day of the project for every single trade. There might be 20 different trades, and we know what room they are working in and what tasks they are doing every single day for the entire duration of the project.”
Renovation experts on top of their game
The work schedule includes a specific finish date, and even a time on that day with the final building and plumbing inspections and application for the Code Compliance Certificate completed by 2pm and the Project Practical Completion meeting for project sign off finished by 3pm.
Communication between clients and Cossie Builders is nurtured via this approach, as well as the fact that clients can stay living in their homes while their renovation is taking place, which saves clients money, time, and stress of moving house.
“The process becomes more transparent when we see each other every single day.
“The relationship is so close and the communication is so easy.”
Cossie Builders produces minimal if any variations, and those that happen, are client driven.
“Every single subcontractor comes to site to quote, and they provide accurate quotes, allowing us to provide accurate quotes,’ says Mandy.
“That’s how we stay on budget. Because we finish on time and on budget, our clients never spend “We work exclusively on one project so even when the weather is against us, we just get to work on another part of the project.”
their contingency fund so at the end of their project, they are left with their contingency fund still in the bank.”
At Cheshire Street, the client decided to reinvest her contingency fund into her property and asked Cossie Builders straight back to build three new decks.
Cossie Builders has since submitted a tender for its seventh Cheshire Street project.
Mandy’s husband James Cosgrove is the qualified and Licensed Building Practitioner and the project manager on site, with 25 years of building experience in Wellington.
The couple are passionate about providing honest and reliable service that is proficient and comprehensive in every aspect.
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