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Waterford Press and its associate company Wallplanners.com have been producing Wallplanners for more than ten years. During that time we have produced Wallplanners for a wide range of clients such as schools, business associations, city and district councils, industry groups, transport associations, farmers groups, lawyers and accountants and many more. We prefer to deal with a group or association and produce a Wallplanner or Deskpad to suite their situation. In this way important dates, deadlines and annual meetings are printed on the Wallplanner. We go to extraordinary lengths to satisfy the requirements of our clients. Our schools Wallplanners are much sort after as they show projected activities within the school for the next twelve months. Teachers love them.

Once agreement has been reached with our client on the type, size and quantity of the Wallplanner and once sufficient advertising support has been gained to ensure the success of the venture, our Graphic Art Department will commence discussions with the client to define the actual layout to be used. This takes place many months ahead of the date of printing. By the time we go to print the client has had considerable input into the eventual design of the Wallplanner.

Advertisers support the client by taking advertising on the Wallplanner. But more than this, the advertisers gain 12 months exposure to all who use and see the Wallplanner so that their goods and services are in front of this population for twelve months of the year. This beats radio or TV because for a single cost their products or services are constantly on view each day, with no further action required by the advertiser.

Wallplanner Packages

There are many layouts and different sizes available depending on what the client is trying to achieve.