Harbour City Centre upgrade worth $25m

Harbour City Centre upgrade worth $25m
The Harbour City Centre’s interior fit-out includes expansive floor plates and sophisticated building services.

Wellington’s Harbour City Centre is undergoing a year-long, $25 million seismic strengthening and refurbishment programme.
The project’s seismic and heritage refurbishment contractor, LT McGuinness, has the insight of nearly 70 years of working on the construction, refurbishment, and fit out of many leading Wellington buildings.
Located at 29 Brandon Street, the three-storey, heritage-listed Harbour City Centre was built in the 1920s as an annex to the DIC department store next door.
It’s now owned by commercial property company Cornerstone Partners, which has commissioned award-winning architecture firm Herriot, Melhuish, O’Neill to undertake the design.
“The building has survived for almost 100 years, and we’re delighted to be helping it to survive for another century or more,” says Cornerstone Partners chief executive Andrew Cotterrell.
“Character features such as high stud heights and the original façade have been retained, while the interior fi tout includes expansive floor plates and all the sophisticated building services that today’s blue-chip tenants demand. “We’re confi dent our tenants will agree it’s a stunning place in which to base a business or retail store.”
In keeping with Cornerstone’s commitment to delivering quality projects, the refurbishment includes an extensive seismic strengthening programme which will bring the Harbour City Centre to 100% of the National Building Standards.
All 20 buildings in the Cornerstone Partners portfolio have been, or are being, brought up to 100% of the National Building Standards, where possible.
“The 2016 Kaikoura earthquake generated a noticeable flight to quality and safety in the commercial property market,” says Andrew.
“This latest development responds to that drive, and will enable employers to reassure their staff about the building’s resilience to earthquakes.” This building’s upgrade provides a boost to Wellington’s commercial property market, with a premium retail and office development.
Key features of the refurbishment include 19 carpark spaces, ample storage and a secure bike park, as well as new lifts, lighting, toilet/shower locker facilities, and heating, ventilation and airconditioning systems.
Level three also offers a terrace deck facing both north and south – ideal for hosting events for staff, clients and other business associates.
LT McGuiness project manager Bob Walker says his company has worked on the previous stages of upgrade to the Harbour City Centre, including the seismic upgrade to the old DIC building about five years ago.
The two-year project was one of the largest seismic upgrades LT McGuiness undertook while a building was occupied.

Harbour City Centre upgrade worth $25m
The original facade will be retained in the $25m, year-long seismic strengthening and refurbishment work on Wellington’s Harbour City Centre.

The strengthening brought the Category II heritage landmark, six storey, steel and concrete frame building to 100 percent of the current code in terms of collapse prevention. LT McGuiness went on to complete fit outs for tenants including Contact Energy and Lumino Dentists.
While the building is unoccupied for this current stage of works, Bob says there is still a challenge around the amount of demolition work being undertaken on a central city site.
“There is a neighbouring boundary wall which is brick, and we will be completely removing that as part of our seismic upgrade,” he says.
“Managing the noise and disruption in the inner city has been quite challenging, as we’re having to work around a tight allocation of time.
“We’ve been working after business hours, but with apartments right next door, we are only allowed to work up until 8pm at night.”
LT McGuiness is continuing relationships with structural engineering consultancy Dunning Thornton and architecture firm Herriot, Melhuish, O’Neill, which were both involved in the previous Harbour City Centre stages.
LT McGuiness was engaged in the early planning stages to allow any issues to be identified and worked through as soon as possible.
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