New system speeds up build process

New system speeds up build process
Coresteel Buildings Auckland has just completed this extensive warehouse for Shieling Laboraties on Marua Road.

Accuracy and speed are the two key advantages of building with Coresteel Buildings, says Coresteel Auckland director Geoff Bodley. The company has just completed a warehouse on Marua Road leased to Shieling Laboratories.
The project included 4100sqm of warehouse, 410m of canopy, 410sqm of offices and a 4000sqm yard and car parking concrete slab. Inside the building offered a 515sqm manufacturing area and 1100sqm of packaging and laboratories.
Geoff, whose other company helped complete the build, says the project was finished at a speedy pace, due to Coresteel’s innovative system.“The system is so accurate that we erected three bays and could then start the roofing right behind it before all the rest of the structural steel was erected.
This allowed us to start the floor pour earlier and shave significant time off the construction,” he explains.Coresteel Buildings is fairly new to the Auckland market and although Coresteel Auckland has already completed several projects, the Shieling Laboratories warehouse has really allowed it to showcase the capabilities of the system, says Geoff.
Other advantages to using Coresteel include the fact that Coresteel has the leading structural steel design in the market using NZ Steel products, says Geoff. Variable bay spacing is simple and clear spans of up to 75m are possible – one of the largest in the New Zealand building industry, he says.
The Shieling Laboratories building was made using the Tapered Box Beam, which is manufactured by folding two halves of steel plate and welding them together to form a box. “The box is tapered through its length, utilising only the amount of steel required, which reduces the weight/cost without affecting structural integrity,” explains Geoff.
“An absence of knee and apex braces means more usable space within the building.”The Tapered Box Beam, which is used for spans from 20-75m, has also been independently checked and verified by the Heavy Engineering Re-search Association, recognised in both New Zealand and abroad as a leading authority in the design of steel structures.
Coresteel Buildings also offer a patented Bracketless Portal System constructed using cold formed fl at Z450 galvanised coil. Using this system typical clear spans range from 9m to 30m, with no obtrusive knee or apex braces.
“Primary and secondary sections are fully-bolted (not TEK screwed). The system allows steel columns and rafters to be nested together and directly bolted, rather than being joined with a bracket. This system produces a stronger connection without the need for additional obtrusive knee-bracing. The system supports buildings of virtually any size and allows people to make the most of the internal space of their building,” explains Geoff.

New system speeds up build process
Coresteel Buildings also offer a patented Bracketless Portal System constructed using cold formed flat Z450 galvanised coil.

Other benefits of Coresteel’s systems include better raw material utilisation and improved manufacturing and transport times. Geoff says that the result is a building that is designed and engineered to the highest standards, while minimising manufacturing and construction time frames.
The spacious interior free from centre poles and braces makes Coresteel structures ideal for retail spaces or for businesses that need to move large industrial-sized vehicles and machinery, he says.Coresteel Buildings is a 100% New Zealand owned and operated company with locally-owned franchises.
Coresteel Buildings is suitable for a wide variety of projects, but its focus lies in commercial and industrial builds. Because Coresteel exclusively manufactures larger steel sections, it can construct buildings of virtually any size.Geoff says another key reason he believes Coresteel’s product to be superior is the company’s design and technology expertise.
These factors mean they can quickly deliver buildings that are accurate, strong, and durable. From design to delivery to site can be as little as 40 working days, he says.
Coresteel manages projects from design and engineering through to manufacturing and construction, ensuring efficiencies in design and delivery. Utilising the latest software technology allows for the efficient design of buildings resulting in faster erection and often signifi cant cost savings.
As sites get smaller and tighter in Auckland the fact that Coresteel products are bolted together on site is a distinct advantage. “It means you don’t need to make room for long pieces of steel, which in turn means you can get on with other jobs. This once again speeds up construction times,” he says.
Geoff, who has over 55 years experience as a builder, owns Coresteel Auckland with son Doug, a civil engineer. He says they were attracted to purchasing the Coresteel Auckland franchise after difficulties in obtaining structural steel for projects, which Bodley Construction was undertaking.
Being a family owned business it had immediate synergies with New Zealand owned and operated Coresteel. “As Coresteel takes care of engineering, manufacturing and distribution in-house this means better control of quality and timing of projects which is a direct benefit to our customers.”
While Geoff takes the lead on Coresteel Auckland, Doug deals with IT, costings and client liaison. Other son Corey is the company’s key project manager. Auckland Coresteel and Bodley Construction run a small tight crew which Geoff considers “all rounders”.
Because each team member can tackle a variety of jobs this means they can complete projects in a timely manner with reduced requirement for subtrades. As equipment, such as diggers and drainlayers, are owned by the company this also allows for greater control over project timelines and the overall high quality outcome.
Coresteel Auckland has recently completed a number of projects including a cold rolled workshop on Nielson Street, a covered physical education area for Kings College and a Tapered Box Beam building for an aluminium distribution company.
Underway are two 7000sqm warehouses. With a growing awareness in the market of the benefits of Coresteel Buildings, Geoff says Coresteel’s Auckland franchise is ready to expand.
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