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‘Can do’ attitude fuels fi rm’s ongoing success

Timaru business Copyfast’s ‘can do’ attitude and creative pursuit of excellence is revealed on the home page of its website.
“Basically we can do anything, or at least we like to think we can.” A long-standing business in South Canterbury, Copyfast was bought by Gary and Sue Lyons in September last year.
The couple, who have backgrounds in marketing, finance and management, were looking for a solid business with a good history and potential for growth. Gary is particularly interested in technology.
“That’s something I’ve always enjoyed; moving forward and progressing and technology’s part of that.”
A key in the transition of the business’s ownership was the retention of all its staff who, with their skills and experience, have made a significant contribution to its success, Gary says.
The company employs seven staff, comprising graphic designers, web designers and three production staff whose work includes printing and signage. “Staff are an absolute key. We’ve relied heavily on their expertise.”
Print and design businesses such as Copyfast have undergone radical changes as a result of computer technology in recent decades.
“There is a lot of growth happening through the production of websites and setting up social media, and maintaining content as well in a lot of cases.”
“Demand for print media has dropped; ways of advertising and getting to your customer base in whatever industry you’re in have changed.
“These days one of the more reliable channels for doing so is through the social media options we offer.”
Despite this, there is still good demand for printed material, from business cards and letterheads, to promotional fliers, newsletters, calendars, brochures and much more.
“Businesses will always need business stationery and the production of professional business reports and those sorts of things.”
Copyfast has the largest range in Timaru of full colour and black and white photocopiers to provide a high quality, high speed copy service.
It can also print more than one metre wide in colour on a variety of paper stocks for eye-catching posters and advertising, display units, signs, digital photos and even personalised wallpaper.
Where a client’s requirements exceed Copyfast’s production capabilities it may prove more economical for work to be out-sourced to ensure the best service and product at the best price, and staff are happy to co-ordinate this.
Gary says creating a brand and a company image with impact requires close collaboration with a client, and covers everything from stationery to exterior signage and uniforms.
In this regard, Copyfast must “walk the talk”, and despite having a vibrant and eye-catching shop front and a well-designed website, he and staff are presently reviewing these in order to keep right up-to-the minute.
The company’s business cards are an example of the innovative thinking encouraged.
“Every one of our staff has a business card with a different look. They have a common logo, but they are all different colours, shapes and textures. Our business cards are effectively a sample pack.”
Once a brand or rebrand is created, maintaining a dynamic presence in the marketplace involves “ a whole suite of things”.
“It’s one of those things you can’t just drop and say it’s finished because it often never is; it involves everything being regularly updated as well.”
Gary and Sue enjoy being involved with their clients and in the community, where the company is actively involved in sponsorship and in the South Canterbury Chamber of Commerce, including as a sponsor of the its annual Business Excellence Awards.
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