Compac Homes’ luxury tiny home takes top prize and people’s choice

The 14 metre by 4 metre Karapiro Luxe home designed by Compac Homes was named overall winner and people’s choice.

A tiny home with a luxury design that includes a scullery has taken out this year’s Tiny House Awards top prize. The 14 metre by 4 metre Karapiro Luxe home designed by Ohinewai tiny home company Compac Homes, was named the overall winner and the people’s choice.

Judges said the quality of workmanship was impressive, with a high level of quality workmanship. “Every aspect of this exquisite tiny home exemplifies an impeccable standard of craftsmanship. The attention to detail is evident in every corner, from the precision of the faux tiles to the flawless installation of fixtures and fittings.”

They also noted the thoughtfully designed generous bathroom and kitchen spaces, along with storage features in the bedroom and scullery. Owner Simon Fleming was thrilled with the prize and said it was fantastic to get the recognition for the entire team.

“The guys on the factory floor, they don’t necessarily get to see all the good stuff…so it’s good recognition for what they’ve done.” He said this year judges had moved away from the traditional tiny home. “This year, they liked what we’ve done.”

“There were also some great entries this year,” he said. “Which is good to see the whole industry moving forward in design and pushing the boundaries, I guess.”

The company was started in 2015, and Simon and his wife took over in 2020. Simon had spent most of his working life in the construction industry and his wife, Deb, a qualified radiographer, had done all the business administration for previous businesses they had owned.

“We were just through COVID and were looking at businesses to buy, and this one…spoke to our skill set for my wife and I. Since then, we’ve doubled, if not tripled, our production capabilities.” They had added their own style to the homes since taking over, making them more “upmarket,” Simon said.

“[We] cater to the luxury type market or the first-time buyers who are on a bit more of a budget.”

They were looking to move into the South Island market that they hadn’t fully tapped into yet. However, growth needed to be sustainable, he said.

“There’s all sorts we can do, but we just want to stick to our knitting and get that running well. I like to make sure everything’s running right and perfect what we’ve got before we expand.”

Homes range from $105,000 for a 10 metre by 4 metre to $204,000 for the Karapiro Luxe. “So, you can cater to the luxury type market or the first-time buyers who are on a bit more of a budget. It’s just an alternative to your traditional house.”

He added customers came from all walks of life. “From first home buyers, elderly downsizing…we get holiday homes and investment properties.” Others would install a home on their property while they wait for their dream home to be built.

He said the tiny home market was competitive, and the last few years had been challenging.

“In this economic environment, it sorts the men out from the boys.” Building trust with customers was key, “it’s about making sure that customers can be comforted by the fact that they are coming to us.”

The company currently builds three tiny homes a week. Compac Homes has delivered homes nationwide from Tuatapere at the bottom of the South Island to Houhora in the North.

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