Making the most of spectacular site

Making the most of spectacular site
Coast NZ Construction does a variety of new builds, renovations and altearations.

For Jimmy and Charlie Dow, from thriving Bay of Plenty-based residential building firm Coast NZ Construction, 2019 proved a milestone year in both their personal and business journey as they designed, built, and moved into their brand new home located at the most southern end of Papamoa Beach Road.
Their two-storey home is situated next to a large open coastal reserve area and is 100 metres from Papamoa Beach. A priority in their home’s design was to future-proof it to meet the needs of their growing family.
For the family the beach is just a short stroll away over the sand-dunes.“By the time we had three children living in the old home on this site we realised we needed to either relocate or build afresh. “The site is so special to us so when the opportunity came to relocate the old home it just made sense to build our new home here,” says Charlie.
She says the design phase went very well, with a discussion one night quickly arriving at what they wanted their new home to look like.“We never thought we would be able to build our own home and it’s been a really great experience.
It’s been literally life-changing to move into this lovely home with so much space,” Charlie says.Downstairs is a large room and the children’s bedrooms. The open space serves as a shared play space now but will adapt as the children grow. Charlie says it will work perfectly when they are older and have their friends over.
“We’ve tiled the play room, so when the children are older, they and their friends will be able to walk in with sandy feet from the beach.” With a nod to the past timber from their original 100 year old railway home on the same site were upcycled and put to good use in the new dwelling.
The master bedroom is upstairs, along with the kitchen/dining and living area all open plan. The first floor’s cavernous raked ceilings gives a sense of space and loft. To counter this, a special hanging frame, made from some of the original rimu timber boards from the old home, above the kitchen space is home to plants and lighting.
Floor to ceiling windows invite the outside in and with views of Motiti and Plate Islands the location is second to none.“We’re very lucky to live here on a site that will never be built out,” says Charlie.The couple established Coast NZ Construction seven years ago and it has grown in leaps and bounds ever since.
“We’ve settled on a team of between 12 and 15 builders, all of whom are qualified apart from one apprentice. It’s top priority for us to take care of our people. They’re all young with young families like us and so we make a point of paying them well and on time and guaranteeing them ongoing work from one build to the next.”
Historically and to this day the core building projects are mainly alterations and renovations. Charlie says there is a substantial amount of renovation and alteration work happening in and around greater-Tauranga.
Last year also saw the completion of a large renovation at Omanu. T he outstanding home sits in prime location to the beach. Every part of the home was upgraded and modernised and for Jimmy and the team working on it, there’s a huge sense of pride in what has been achieved.
“It’s basically a brand-new home with a total reclad, new joinery and change in roof line as well as modernising throughout inside.”Key features include floor to ceiling windows, stunning use of tiles in the kitchen and bathrooms.“Changing the roof completely was one of the big challenges.
With the prohibitive cost of shrink wrap we decided instead to use tarp’s to cover the home “It’s basically a brand-new home with a total reclad, new joinery and change in roof line as well as modernising throughout inside.” while the new roof was being built.
“Even features like the wide curved skirting boards presented with challenges to overcome and I know that Jimmy and the team are really proud of what has been achieved for the client,” says Charlie.
She also says there are many reasons why Coast NZ Construction has had such a successful journey to date. Care of their team, getting involved early on in the design phase, and an open-book building system which allows their clients to access all the invoicing information through-out the build, all contribute to their professional success.
“We’re really conscious to be transparent, to communicate well with our clients, with architects, with our suppliers and to ensure we value the integrity of the build regardless of the budget and the size of the project.”
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