Busy firm keeping ahead of the game

Busy firm keeping ahead of the game
City Mechanical Repairs works on the full range of vehicles from vintage to very late model.

Dunedin’s largest independent workshop City Mechanical Repairs is now under new ownership, with some new staff providing high quality mechanical service, automotive repairs, and panel and paint services.
Owner of Quality Towing Scott Goodsir bought the long-standing City Mechanical Repairs in April 2015, then in October 2017 also purchased Auto Salvage in Invercargill.
Last year Scott brought in auto technician Tony Crowther as workshop manager for City Mechanical Repairs. Tony says the company has been getting busier and busier.
“We’ve got a couple of new staff in the workshop who are really helping to bring in more business with their high quality work,” he says. One is a former parts dealer for Subaru who is now back on the tools, while the other is an adult apprentice with a good sound mechanical background.
“He’s reasonably fussy which is what you need in this industry,” Tony says.
“You can’t afford to take shortcuts or miss anything when working on vehicles, otherwise there will be big issues later on.”
City Mechanical Repairs’ panel beater and painter is another meticulous worker who is experienced in all types of crash repairs from broken tail lights to full dismantle and rebuilds to pristine condition.
The towing companies and the panel shop provide great synergies for City Mechanical Repairs’ customers, who can have their mechanical and panel damage all repaired under the same roof.
A new website at citymechanical.co.nz is also proving a great marketing tool, as evidenced by the company regularly asking its clients how they have heard about the business.
City Mechanical Repairs now comes up near the top of a Google search, so the guy who designed our website has done a good job on that.”
City Mechanical Repairs is a supplier for Christchurch’s Radiator Warehouse, and holds a stock of about 100 radiators on hand. The company also stocks a range of batteries, and new tyres.
a four post hoist capable of handling 6.5 ton, City Mechanical Repairs can also work on campervans and other heavy vehicles without having to jack them up.
City Mechanical Repairs works on the full range of vehicles from vintage to very late model. Recent projects include a warrant of fitness for a 1917 Dodge and diagnostic work on a 2015 Audi.
“A lot of our work is fairly technical these days with electronics to diagnose,” Tony says. “Any garage will tell you, you can’t have enough scanners.
Not every scanner will work on every car. “We run two different scanners, one old school and fairly bullet proof which works well, and another which is a pad with the software built into it.
“It’s all WiFi and works within a range of five metres.” Tony’s apprenticeship in dyno tuning 25 years ago has him exposed and experienced in the electronic aspect of today’s mechanical servicing industry.
The workshop team upskill on average four times a year, attending all of the training courses facilitated by Repco and Appco, as well as technical updates at Otago Polytechnic.
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