Busy firm reaches 20-year milestone

Busy firm reaches 20-year milestone
Christchurch Electrical has a specialised residential/architectural division, expert at providing all the wiring requirements for modern living.

In April 1999, Rex Prebble purchased Christchurch Electrical with a determination to transform the company by shifting its focus to expand its servicing offering, alongside its successful contracting division.
The goal was achieved and, twenty years later, Christchurch Electrical today has evolved into a highly versatile company serving a wide range of electrical needs in both the domestic and commercial markets.
Not only does Christchurch Electrical have a dedicated service department, it also has a specialised residential/architectural division.
Other specialist arms of the business include communications and security, air conditioning and heat pumps, and thermal imaging.
It continues to offer contracting services and has completed a wide range of electrical projects on some of Christchurch’s largest and most prominent buildings.
“We’ve focused on becoming a one point of call business and I believe we have done a good job at that,” says Rex, who is the company’s managing director.
“Builders come to us knowing we can take care of everything from air conditioning and electrical work through to data and security. They can give us one order for the whole lot and it’s all taken care of.”
Clients’ requirements are carefully coordinated, with every aspect seamlessly managed. Rex notes that having a diverse range of services is a strength going forward.
Over summer, the company was kept particularly busy meeting demand for air conditioning solutions.

Busy firm reaches 20-year milestone
The residential sector is a key part of Christchurch Electrical’s operations.

Rex first started working for Christchurch Electrical as a service manager in 1995, before buying out the company on 7 April 1999. By then, the company already had a many decades long track record of excellent service.
Its early history is not well-documented, but Rex’s understanding is the company first started trading as Dunedin Electrical some 70 years ago, with the Christchurch branch established soon afterwards.
Over the past 20 years, Rex has established a talented and loyal team with the skills required to lead their particular specialisations.
Many key managers, such as contracts manager and company shareholder Warren Bentley, have been working for Christchurch Electrical for decades.
Leading the residential division is Jared Welsh, who originally started out as an apprentice with Christchurch Electrical.
“His team is very well organised and well-trained. Being able to install high quality house wiring and cabling is a specific skill.
“There is a great deal to consider in a modern house build right through to data and security, particularly with so many homes now full of steel; this can be problematic for services such as broadband if installation is not done correctly.”
Christchurch Electrical sets a high value on delivering safety and reliability. Its objective is ensuring quality through product selection and specialist skilled teams.
As Rex observes, there’s no point investing in expensive projectors and TVs if cheap cable is then installed that will quickly wear out. “We aim to get it right first time and do the job properly.”
This trusted company has long looked for opportunities to expand and develop what it can offer clients.
One example of this was its early adoption of thermal imaging technology, which can be used to detect electrical faults and switchboard hazards.
Christchurch Electrical regularly carries out non-invasive thermal imaging inspections for domestic, commercial and industrial clientele.
“It’s another string to our bow. We picked up a lot of problems after the earthquakes – so many buildings got rattled around. ‘I do strongly believe we have prevented fires through detecting potential hazards early.”
Staff members are in a continual process of upskilling to ensure they are knowledgeable about latest industry developments, such as how to work with new gases used in air conditioning systems or changing requirements around security camera technology.
Christchurch Electrical has been involved in many memorable projects over the past 20 years.
For example, the team is proud to have contributed to the re-establishment of Christchurch’s Nazareth Community of Care on the Nazareth House site which was severely damaged in the earthquakes.
“It was a massive job for us and we were involved for a long time, working on several hundred units, the chapel, lounge facilities, coffee shop, nursing station and dementia wing.”
The Christchurch Electrical teams have carried out a large school refit and work with ongoing projects through the Christchurch school network. Other projects recently completed include the new Enztec factory fit-out and Salvation Army’s new premises on Colombo Street.
Christchurch Electrical – FAQs
• What are the benefits of choosing a master electrician?
All work is covered by the Master Electrician Workmanship Guarantee. As members of ECANZ, Christchurch Electrical is bound to abide by strict codes of conduct and service and undergoes a stringent auditing process to ensure compliance with the highest standards.
• What are the advantages of using a larger firm as opposed to a smaller operator?
Christchurch Electrical has the manpower to deliver a 24-hour, 7-day service and can respond promptly to callouts. The company offers a level of continuity and reliability that a small firm would struggle to provide.
• How much experience does Christchurch Electrical have in its industry?
The company has extensive experience in all facets of the industry, with expertise ranging from domestic repairs through to industrial installation and maintenance. Christchurch Electrical is able to call on a broad range of skills and expertise – many of their staff have over 35 years of experience in the electrical industry.
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